Dodgers: Early Reactions to New Nike Uniforms in Baseball

Exhibition or not, baseball games are being played again as we march toward the start of the regular season. Amid a bevy of changes coming this upcoming season — including the new 3 batter minimum rule for pitchers, and the active roster expanding to 26 — MLB made waves late in 2019 when it announced that uniform rights were sold to Nike for the foreseeable future.

And now we’ve had some time to see those changes implemented, none more than the new Nike Swoosh unis.

At first, the change was met with heavy criticism by fans as the classic, logo-free garb was going to be sullied with a swoosh on the chest. Additionally, the fear was “what’s next? Applebee’s logos on the sleeve?”

This was touched upon by DodgersNation.com’s post-game live stream host Doug McKain in this video.

Indeed that video feels like it’s from a different time as we hear the names Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon still linked to the Dodgers, but the message is clear: please stop at the swoosh on our beloved jerseys.

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So now, after a week or so of games, how have fans taken to the new unis? First let’s see the positive to positive-adjacent reviews.


Then there’s the indifferent crowd.

But there are also the folks that hate the new look.


So far the biggest victim in this change may be the consumer. The average price of the new uniform is $319 online, a big increase over the old Majestic brand.

Still the most correct response may have come from this Twitter user.

What are your thoughts on the new look? Continue the conversation and let us know in the comments below!

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I don’t like ads on mlb uniforms it looks ugly like soccer what’s funny is that a lot of people’s reasons for not liking it is because nike triggers the republican snowflake in them

    1. Nike should trigger an emotion to those who have served this country and recognizes the causes they support. It’s snowflakes like you, who obviously never served anything except your own interests, that would support this.

      1. Cry more snowflake cornball. As a nihilist I get pleasure out of everyone making a fool of themselves on every issue and every topic

        1. The real issue here is that there’s something other then the teams name on the uniforms. You two have brought politics here on multiple occasions and we’re all tired of it. Hopefully some of the others that like to talk politics don’t chime in and further pollute the page

  2. I had a chance to see one up close and personal at a Mex- Restaurant in Lakewood called Mi-Casa where J.T. Turner’s parents eat hanging on the wall and I hated it then as I will all season long. They look cheaply made out of polyester material and being a BB traditionalist we don’t need no stinking new uniforms especially from a dumb-arse company like Nike

  3. Tbh, I like it Nike is classic when comes to sports apparel you think Nike, the only thing I don’t like is the new cost, just like anything I will end up paying it.

  4. I don’t care at all if Applebee’s logo was on the sleeve as much as I DO object to the Nike deal in the first place considering their Red Chinese partners have shipped imprisoned Uighers from a CCP “re education camp” ( another version of concentration camp ) to work in Nike factories in China. I wouldn’t support anyone who uses what amounts to convict labor.

    1. Welcome to the planet earth you won’t be happy with any practices that go on here

  5. I personally like the Nike swoosh. The quality of the products are much better. Nike is known Worldwide.

  6. I buy a new shirt on Opening Day every year. I avoid the Nike store for the very reason that the swoosh is right there taking away from “my” teams logo!! The Dodger uniform was voted the favorite of all times, (so I read), a pure classic. To bad money can’t keep it that way. So glad I got my Chase, (26), pro jersey before Nike took over!!!

    1. Don’t like and will not purchase anything Nike. But if MLB is going to contract with them or any other manufacturer, then their logo should not be front and center. Place a small one one the back at the collar and I repeat, small.

  7. I don’t have an issue with the swoosh – but I do have a big complaint about the color!! This is NOT Dodger blue. It looks purple! Look at the difference between their caps, the shirts in the stands, and their arm/elbow protection. It’s terrible. Please get the color right!

  8. Not a big deal. Getting away from the Dodger logo for a moment. During the Ranger game the other day, I think the TX in the State on the uniform looked outstanding. Not sure if it is new or I just never noticed. I tried to research it and the Rangers are changing to powder blue uniforms. That sucks as they had great looking uniforms before.
    Back to LA. Go Dodgers!!!!!!

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