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Dodgers News: Mattingly Discusses Possible Benefit Of Making A Trade

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With the non-waiver trade deadline a week away, rumors of the Los Angeles Dodgers making a roster move continue to dominate much of the current discussions the team is involved in.

Given Dan Haren’s ongoing struggles that continued Tuesday and the uncertainty surrounding Josh Beckett’s health, the Dodgers are believed to be interested in acquiring a starting pitcher.

Manager Don Mattingly discussed the possibility of the Dodgers making a trade and why they may do so on Mark Willard’s ESPNLA Now:

I think we feel good. Obviously, we’re a club that has talent. I think you always want to try to improve, you want to always try and get better,” Mattinlgy said. “Sometimes you could make a trade at the deadline that is good for you next year even and sometimes you make a trade for an immediate fix on something, sometimes you make a trade that says ‘hey this is going to be a fit for us next year also. It makes some sense.’

Mattingly also said he’s confident with the current structure of the team:

And again I can’t sit here as a manager and say we need to do all this stuff or make a change here because at the same time it sends a message to my players that we’re not good enough and I feel like we are good enough.”

The Dodgers have struggled since coming out of the All-Star break, going 2-4 on their first two stops of their nine-game road trip.

Thursday provides the team with a day off before the Dodgers conclude their road-trip with a three-game set in San Francisco. At the very least, the Dodgers will send their top three starters to the mound due to Mattingly’s shuffling of the starting rotation.
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  1. We know why Donnie says this version of team is good enough to win… I mean … they SHOULD be good enough to win … on paper says so… if it was 2011, perhaps. However, the stats show that Kemp, Ethier and Crawford are poison … both in field and at the plate. Gonzo has power capability, but often disappears when a game is on the line, and is not the fiery leader they need. Hanley is too brittle to rely on. Puig is feast or famine … makes three or four mental/base running/assorted other errors for every magnificent play, plus his power numbers have disappeared, but just keep telling ourselves how “exciting” he is to watch. Dee has had a nice first half, but has leveled off. The most reliable position players are Uribe and Justin Turner … so what is wrong with this picture????!

    Starting pitchers 1-3 are obviously what have kept Dodgers in contention … but Beckett and Haren should not start another game. And we all know about the bullpen, sans Jansen and Howell!

    Worst team BA EVER with bases loaded and with RISP and less than two outs … How can Mattingly say this team is good “as is??” 2-7 vs. Giants, 2-5 vs. Pirates, 1-3 vs. Tigers (and wasn’t even THAT close). Yes, Dodgers will likely still make playoffs as NL West champ or wildcard, but THEN what???

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