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Dodgers News: Mattingly On Chin-Hui Tsao ‘He’s On Our Radar’

Chin-Hui Tsao

Spring Training is a time for players to make an impression and prove to the organization that they are worthy of playing in the Major Leagues.

Chin-Hui Tsao, who is currently at Minor League Spring Training, was signed by the Dodgers in January. While the pitcher had issues overseas that kept him out of the game, the team has given him a few chances this Spring.

According to Eric Stephen of True Blue LA, Tsao has gained the attention of the Major League club:

Tsao has pitched in three games for the Dodgers this spring and had not allowed a run until Thursday. Although he has posted stellar numbers thus far, the right-hander is still a longshot to make the Opening Day roster because of the crowded competition for the bullpen.

After not making the Colorado Rockies’s MLB roster in 2008, Tsao went to Tawain to play in the Chinese Professional Baseball League. After just one season, he was suspended due to fixing games. The next year, he tried to sign with a team in the Australian League, but the CPBL convinced the Australian League to suspend him as well. Seeing that he was not signed to a team, the Dodgers offered him a contract.

This will not be Tsao’s first stint with the Dodgers. The 33-year-old pitched for them in 2007, pitching 24.2 innings and having a 3.48 ERA.

Although the Dodgers pitching staff is crowded at this point, Tsao could see some action in the MLB if an injury occurs at any point during the season.

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  1. He can be on their radar, but I wouldn’t waste too much time with Tsao, he’s not likely to last very long. The guy who really deserves a roster spot is Yimi [so far]. He was great in the minors, he was great in an 8 game cup of coffee last year, [.7 WHIP] and he’s been just about perfect so far this spring, what more can he do?

  2. Love Yimi, but I think he has options left. Tsao is not on the roster so there would have to be someone dropped first. Although the way pitches are dropping someone may get on the DL. But Tsao has been lights out as has Santos both have experience and very nasty stuff. It will be very interesting to see who makes the 25 man and who takes the assignments to AAA.

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