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Dodgers News: Mitch White Recalled to Start Today Against the Rockies

The Dodgers and Rockies will square off in the rubber game this afternoon in Los Angeles. They’ll be looking to take the series after a late win over Colorado on Saturday night. But up until now, LA did not have a starting pitcher announced. 

Dave Roberts revealed after the game that Mitch White would be making the start. He will be recalled at some point to make his 3rd start of the 2021 season. White last pitched against the Pirates last week in a big win. 

In that game, White came in out of the bullpen and pithed 7.1 masterful innings. He did not allow a run and struck out 6 Pirates batters while allowing just 2 hits. That performance was huge given that it saved the bullpen which had been very overworked. 

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The same can be said of the Dodgers bullpen this week. With 2 reliever games over the last couple of days, the bullpen has seen a whole lot of work and stress. The hope is that White can come in and throw upwards of 90 pitches again like he did in his start against the Pirates. 

The Dodgers will also need to make a roster move today in order to get White added in. Edwin Uceta is a decent candidate to get sent back down after being called up on Saturday. 

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  1. We need all the wins we can get. A hot September and maybe we can catch the Giants.

  2. Not going to do it with Cody in lineup
    Need zBetts, Taylor.Pollock every day
    Cody has 2X more K as hits and swings at too many bad pitches
    And this effects defense too

    1. Roberts is stubborn about Bellinger and no matter what anyone says, unless he’s being told to keep Bellinger in the lineup, he will only sit against LHP. Pathetic since he now sports a .169 BA and went 0 for 4 again last night. How Roberts handles these lineups and obviously plays favorites makes me sick to my stomach!.

  3. Keep the golden boy in the lineup until he ‘figures it out”… LoL.
    That young fellow has been pampered all his life why stop now.
    That one game WC looks like reality.

  4. Won’t matter how well Mitch White pitches… expect him to be screwed over by the Dodger ‘roster crunch & get sent down after he walks off the field. Hope he gets traded to team that will give him a real shot.
    As to Belli… he is too stubborn to make needed adjustments & if they keep playing him despite his terrible production… why change.

  5. White will have to throw a gem for at least 5 innings today as Roberts is sitting Will Smith and betts, and JT…Maybe Roberts is counting on the Braves and Brewers to beat the Vagiants ….JT needs the rest but Betts needs Ab’s , and Smith is the hottest hitter on the team. Sabotage or dunce, either way another head scratcher as Mckinney and Bellinger combined are 3 for their last 35…..Wow….

  6. It seems with Roberts that if a player is hitless for a couple weeks straight, he’s the obvious choice to put in the lineup. A player who starts heating up and clutch hitting will get put on the splinters for a while.

    If the Dodgers have any hope of catching the Giants, they will need 9 (NINE) guys in the lineup playing ball. Bellinger is hurting this team badly.

    My theory? The Giants have secretly had a tiny speaker in Roberts head that plays subliminal messages to him to keep Bellinger in the lineup ; )

    Otherwise, we’d have to say he was doing a bad job of managing.

  7. You have to play Taylor, Betts,and Pollock every day!! Bellinger needs to sit right now as we know he has hitting issues right now, we are trying to win a pennant and world series!! We need to be putting the best line up out there every day and right now Bellinger is the man out!! Lets go Roberts!! play with your mind not your heart!!

  8. White is doing worst than Graterol did on Friday night (2 runs in the 1st). Mitch gave up 3 runs in the first. Why are we using these pitchers in important games? Ask the MANAGEMENT!!!

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