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Dodgers News: Mitch White Traded to the Blue Jays

The Dodgers continue to make moves this afternoon. With the deadline minutes away, it was announced that Mitch White was on his way out the door. White is being traded to the Toronto Blue Jays in a deal that looks to be including minor leaguers only. 

White has been pretty great for the Dodgers this year. In a mostly fill-in type of role, he posted a 3.32 ERA across the month of July. He was a huge help between July and August, especially with starting pitchers going down at the start of the year. 

White heads out to Toronto now though, clearing another 40-man roster spot up for the Dodgers. They’re going to need those over the next month with big names coming back from the injured list. 

Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers went out and traded Jake Lamb on Tuesday afternoon. They needed some roster spots to open up, and taking him off of the roster was really the only move that they could afford to make. He heads up to Seattle to take on a role with a team that is also looking to compete. 

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  1. The Dodgers seem a far ways away from “solid” in their starting rotation right now. As is usual about September the arms get tired and the scramble for a starter is on. White was coming along, and did fill some innings that were going to be bull pen games if not for him. I have to admit I’ve no idea what this club is trying to do with its trades. Gallo is going to come to LA and suddenly find his swing again? Are they hoping a mystical starter will walk up to Freidman ala Roy Hobbs and say he wants to play ball?

  2. who would you rather see White or David Price enter a game. I rest my case. This is the worst trade ever.
    He had a no hitter going recently.

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