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Dodgers News: LA Lands Slugger Joey Gallo in Deal With the Yankees

The Dodgers missed out on Juan Soto. That much seems certain at this point. The Nationals’ superstar was dealt to the Padres this morning and despite a hold-up in the trade, it looks like it has gone through officially. Naturally, Andrew Friedman and his front office had to pivto somewhere else. 

As it turns out, they pivoted to a reclamation project of sorts. The Dodgers have reportedly landed Joey Gallo in a trade with the New York Yankees. That send‘s the lefty slugger to LA in his final year before hitting free agency. 

The deal for Gallo is an odd one for the Dodgers. he has not hit well at all this season but particularly over the past two months. All told, he has posted a batting average of just .159 for the year, and an OPS of .621 for NY. 

Obviously, the Dodgers are hoping that a change of scenery will be good for Gallo. Just a year ago, he posted an OPS of .869 and launch 25 homeruns between New York and Texas. Across his entire career, Gallo has tallied 170 homeruns in 708 games. He hit 41 in 2017 for a career high. 

The Dodgers did lose out on Clayton Beeter in the deal. He was the team‘s number 15 prospect and showed a lot of life at AA, in terms of strikeouts. 

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  1. As if we needed another struggling hitter! We already have Muncy and Bellinger struggling mightily.

  2. WTF is going on here? This makes ZERO sense. You’re taking away a potential spot from a rook, Trayce, or Lamb, who is already showing they can play. And we don’t need another Lefty… I can’t make any sense of this. Someone help me out here.

    And you gave up a pretty good young prospect arm imho.

  3. Its possible that we might have to send James Outman back down to OKC, in order to make room for Joey Gallo. The same Joey Gallo that has been striking out at a 38% clip this year and led MLB in strikeouts last year. And like others have mentioned, what happens to Thompson and Lamb. Honestly, this signing has gotten me upset.

  4. Is there a sensible answer for this? There’s still an hour or so before deadline so move someone else from the anemic hitters club.

  5. I keep repeating it and apparently no one is listening.Why aren’t the D’s going for JT Martinez. Or am I missing something?

    1. I would have rather seen no moves than this one. Go to the Yankee blogs and they are so happy/giddy to get rid of Gallo. They can’t believe they found a sucker to take him.

  6. This is the worst trade deadline for the Dodgers since the McCourts owned the team. When some of these injured players come back and are not nearly as effective as they used to be and the Dodgers lose in the playoffs, there will be hell to pay.

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