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Dodgers News: Norris Discusses Trade and First Outing

Bud Norris gave Dodger fans quite the first impression on Friday going 6 innings and striking out 8! Of course, most of us are still mourning over Kershaw being placed on the disabled list, but Norris’ first outing shows that there is hope!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “There is no way Norris can replace Kershaw!” That is not why he is here though. Norris is here to provide support to our suddenly disabled pitching staff. Our very own Elisa Hernandez really put the Dodgers’ situation into perspective when she pointed out that our disabled list could be a full pitching rotation!

ICYMI: Norris Strikes Out 8 in 5-0 Win

So what did Norris have to say about his first outing and the trade in general? Here are some of the highlights!


“It’s exciting for me to come back home and play on the west coast and be in a pennant race again.”

“I just really want to do my part to help this club out and really run something into the postseason and make a run at it.”

Ned Colletti and Jerry Hairston Jr. added their two cents to Norris’ first start as well!

Lastly, here is what skipper Dave Roberts had to say about his new starting pitcher!

There is no telling what the future holds for Bud Norris. Will he remain in our starting rotation? Will he move to the bullpen and help out the team in the later innings? The only thing that is certain is that Norris has the chops to help the team out now, and his start on Friday proved that!

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Alex Perez

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  1. The success of the season turns on the success of McCarthy and Ryu returning from rehab and being successful. Of course Kershaw must return soon or forget about it. A rotation of Kershaw, Kazmir, Maeda, Norris and a young stud such as Urias, Stripling, Cotton, DeLeon or Montas would be a damn good one. I am NOT a Wood fan at all to me he is a left Bolsinger.

    The bottom line this year and for the last couple of years in the playoffs is we need some bats to either wake up or be traded for as the Dodger situational hitting has been sub par for the last couple of years. 
    I think the future is very bright. We have a young outfield that General Managers would kill to get. Puig is actually hitting above 300 and not diving after outside pitches since he came back. The overall defense is one of the best in the entire MLB.

    As Grandal has proven to be a 200 streaky hitter and injury prone I would trade him. I really like Lucroy but our catchers are around the Mendoza line and that is not Okay… 

    I really like we have such young players in the outfield and SS. And some of the young arms are emerging. It bodes very well for the future!!!

    Standing Ovation for the BP. We must sign Jansen this winter though. 

    Very impressed with Fien and Coleman guys picked up on the waiver wire. Great signing in Blanton he has been a rock. . Looking forward to Montas and the other young guns.

  2. Tmaxster  Although I agree with some of what you say, the kids are on an innings limit. If Kersh comes back, and Ryu and McCarthy are healthy, then it is Kersh, Maeda, Ryu, McCarthy and Norris-Kazmir. or they might even go 6 man which would lessen Kersh’s load. But the BIGGER problem is offensive stability and a reliable bridge to Jansen. They need a catcher who can a least hit his weight. And someone with POWER to hit behind A-Gone. And don’t say Ethier, he is at least 6 weeks away..they need offense now.

  3. Michael Norris Tmaxster But in all seriousness, I agree Michael.  The Dodgers’ problems are less with the rotation behind Kershaw, and is more with their offensive inconsistency.  Outside of Seager and Turner, their offense has been radically inconsistent this year.  Even with Turner, he was awful in April, but has been more like himself the last two.  Either way, we need some help offensively.

  4. Michael Norris Tmaxster Like I said Michael the offense has to improve or even if they get in the playoffs it will be the same as the last couple of years. 
    We are both not happy with Grandal and his offense has been a rally killer.  I am not going to count on Ryu until he shows up and pitches well. He seems to be having issues with that shoulder. I have had two close friends have labrum surgery and the rehab is very painful and it takes a lot of time to get your full movement back just for day to day living. To be able to pitch in the Major League is something more difficult.
    I still like the idea of bringing Stripling, Cotton, DeLeon, Montas and others when they are ready. It will give us a better idea of how they do next year. And what we have to trade with…’
    I would still love to see Lucroy in Dodger Blue.

  5. Tmaxster Michael Norris  Not if thy have to take Braun to make the deal work.. That is a payroll albatross they do not need..

  6. Michael Norris Tmaxster Yes I agree thee. But I figure they are going to end up doing nothing else. 
    They will figure the second half to have Ryu back also and the offense they will figure is waking up. DeLeon, Coton, Montas are available when they sit Urias down.  And the belief is they are better than any guy they can get rotaion-wise  going forward without stripping the club of the future. 
     So thy will not do anything major.

    Nice deal for Norris though….Not sure what they can do offensively except at catcher without really disrupting a lot of positions.

  7. Tmaxster Michael Norris  Ryu is expected back by maybe mid week. He went 7 is last outing. Montas is out for 2 more months and then needs some rehab, so do not count on him before Sept. Deleon has been mediocre. Cotton not much better…my bet is that you see Oaks, or Stewart before either of those guys. Even Stripling has a better shot at another start than those guys. You will thankfully not see Bolsinger again. Frias either. He will most likely be tried at relief. Norris pitched good…I do not expect that kind of outing all the time. He is a sub .500 pitcher lifetime. With an ERA north of 4. We got lucky for at least 1 start. I am taking a wait and see attitude. As for Mr Rally Killer, I do not see that they can afford his weak assed bat all year. Something needs to change. Solo homers every 10 games or so are not going to cut it…If they could get Lucroy without Braun, I trade 3 prospects for him, including either Deleon or Cotton

  8. Michael Norris Tmaxster Yeah they really need another solid bat. I agree about Lacroy but would not take Braun either as  they have nowhere to put him without disrupting the outfield. I really like the outfield they have. If Thompson plays the rest of the year he may be a 30 HR 80 RBI guy which for his first year is remarkable as he has not had as many at bats as many of the full time guys. 
    Thompson is learning and adjusting I think he will become very valuable. Even with his lower batting average he has a solid OBP. And has managed to get key hits. 
    Puig has obviously worked on his plate discipline and is hitting over 300 since he returned. ANd Pederson is doing better and his defense is very good. As the outfield is set well for the future and Gonzo is at first Turner at third. We have Utley and Kendrick for 2nd and Seager of course at SS.
    The only slot to put a solid bat is catcher without disruption and messing up the future players progress. 
    The Dodgers have a great outfield going into the future and will have a pitching staff.  In a couple of years they will need a 3rd baseman and Segedin is playing very well and 1st baseman. IF SVS can get back on track he can help there and Segedin plays 1st also. I know they have slotted Bellinger there in about 3 years. 

    We shall see but the future looks bright. The Dodgers with all of their injuries this year have the same record as last year at this time…Exactly the same. Amazing with the rotation going down, problems with the relief pitchers and Etheir out…

  9. Tmaxster Michael Norris  Segedin is 27. Turner is in his FA season. They have Kendrick for 1 more year after this, so if Turner walks, they can slide Howie to 3rd for a year. Utley will be gone. A-Gone has 2 more years on his contract. 2nd should be covered as they can use Hernandez, Johnson, Barnes or Calhoun there. Hernandez needs to regain his batting eye though or he is trade bait. They could also slot Taylor in at SS, and move Seager to 3rd, which I think might be the plan down the road. Ethier comes off the books after next year, which should coincide with the arrival of Verdugo. Catcher is the big hole. Farmer is at least 2 years away. Leon at least 3. I am for getting Lucroy even if he only stays until his walk year next year. But not for a huge prospect package. I keep Puig, Thompson and Pederson, who was getting better almost every week as my starting OF. McCarthy, Kazmir, Kershaw, Ryu all have at least 2 years left on their contracts. I find a taker for Wood, and trade for a closer, because I believe the are going to let Jansen walk. Maeda is better suited to be a # 4 or 5 guy, and we have him for 7 more years. In 2 years guys like Urias, Oaks, Stewart, Stripling, Holmes, Cotton, Deleon, Dejong, Sborz, will all be close to being totally ready. Pitching will be their biggest asset. I am looking forward to seeing Oaks, who has been dazzling this year. Like Stewart he has gone from A to AAA, and the majors may be his next stop soon. Segedin rates a look, but he is far from a long term solution at 3rd.

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