Dodgers News: Profiling Joc Pederson As Futures Game Arrives

When the Dodgers were losing an outfielder on a daily basis, many believed that outfielder Joc Pederson would make his way to LA since his natural position is center field and Matt Kemp was on the DL. Management knew that bringing up Yasiel Puig could create a problem that they didn’t want to have happen if he exceeded expectations.

Well, Puig was the choice over Pederson and what most Dodger fans know about him is his intriguing power and how he’s the most likely prospect to be traded at the deadline.

Through 83 games this season at Double-A Chattanooga, Pederson is hitting .296 with 14 home runs and 38 RBIs and will bat sixth in the Futures game this afternoon.

Pederson is the Dodgers top hitting prospect, but with such a crowded outfield, there might not be a spot for him in the near future. Kemp, Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier are all signed to long term contracts while Puig isn’t going anywhere.

Thus, the likely scenario that Pederson is used as trade bait in two and a half weeks as the Ned Colletti and Stan Kasten try to add to the roster. The trade for Ricky Nolasco didn’t require any top prospects going to Miami, but if the Dodgers have any dreams of Chase Utley, Cliff Lee or Matt Garza, it starts with Pederson.

Pederson’s been nursing an oblique injury the past few days, but the stage at Citi Field this afternoon could be his audition to other major league teams that he’s everything he’s hyped up to be.


Ross Gasmer

Ross Gasmer is a Social Media Producer for @TheHerd and was a contributing writer and editor for Dodger Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Ross_Gasmer12


  1. Don’t trade him! Give him another year in the minors. With Crawford and kemp, there is always going to be an open spot in the outfield. Those guys are hurt 1/3 of the season. I imagine they will likely continue to develop injuries as they get older. Trading joc would be a mistake. A big mistake. Especially for 2 months of garza. If u can’t get a long term pitching contract in return, or a big time pitching prospect in return, don’t do it Ned.

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