Whether We Like it or Not, It Might be Resting Time for Yasiel Puig

It’s the scenario no Dodger fan can even pull themselves to imagine: a week without Puig.

Unfortunately, it might be the world we’re forced to live in as Puig has left the last two games early thanks to a lingering hip injury.

While Puig tried to play through the pain, his inability to run out either of his two groundouts last night was all the evidence I needed to decide it was time for Puig to rest.

With the All-Star break around the corner, Puig could get a full week of rest before playing again by sitting out the final two games against the Rockies.

The real problem here, however, isn’t necessarily Puig’s ability to endure pain, but the question of how effective he can really be while hurt?

What has made Puig so exciting is not just his ridiculous average and power, but it’s the youthful exuberance that he has brought to a game that seemed to lack swagger and flare.

The problem is, that exuberance is the first to go when saddled with a hip injury.

So while no one wants to imagine a night when “Puig” isn’t penciled into the lineup, in the long run, it’s the only real option for a team with aspirations beyond just the regular season.

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