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Dodgers News: Ralph Avila, Legendary Scout Dead at 92

Ralph Avila was a revolutionary figure within the Dodgers franchise, as one who spent over 50 years involved with the team and their relations with the Dominican Republic. On Monday, Avila passed away at the age of 92. 

The former Dodgers scout was devoted to growing the MLB, as he helped pioneer MLB’s inroads to the Dominican Republic. Avila’s son, Al Avila, who is a former general manager for the Tigers, said his father died of natural causes at his residence in Miami.

As someone who spent multiple decades with the Dodgers, Avila showed immense support and dedication to the organization. 

Avila originally left his home country Cuba, after his hiring in 1970. He worked with Los Angeles as a scout in the Dominican Republic up until his retirement in 1999. Though he retired from the role, he remained active in his efforts to spread Latin American baseball. 

Avila worked with several Dominican players from the Martinez brothers, Ramon and Pedro, as well as former National League Rookie of the Year Raul Mondesi, and Adrian Beltre.

Beyond being a valuable coach and mentor, Avila was a revolutionary leader. His grandson, Al, who was a former Tigers catcher, tweeted out a loving message in memory of his grandfather: 

Avila’s legacy will live on as he will be remembered for his unwavering commitment to expanding the reach of the MLB.

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