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Dodgers News: Reds’ Todd Frazier Says He Didn’t Mock Brian Wilson

The Reds finished off a rare three-game sweep of the Dodgers over the weekend and while they’ve usually been good in one-run games, the Dodgers bullpen faltered.

Paco Rodriguez looked tired, Ronald Belisario wasn’t sharp yesterday and Brian Wilson allowed his first run as a Dodger in Saturday afternoon’s loss. However, there seems to be some controversy over the Reds celebration after Todd Frazier had the walk off single against Wilson and proceeded to celebrate with his teammates.

However, Frazier and former Dodger Xavier Paul have been accused of showing up Wilson and he explained his case to Jeremy Warnemuende of

It might have looked like it, Frazier said. “But me and [Reds left fielder Xavier Paul], we’ve got a thing going on where we also [cross our arms]. I guess my hands were in a certain way. I wasn’t trying to mock anybody. That’s the last thing I try to do.

Wilson does a similar celebration when he finishes off a game, which he did mainly with the Giants as a tribute to his late father. Since joining the Dodgers, Wilson only allowed the one run and has earned himself a role at the back end of the bullpen as he

It doesn’t sound like it’s an issue, but here’s the video of the celebration on Saturday (skip to the very end):

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  1. Well, I’m not the best at lip-reading, but Frazier did Wilson’s sign and said the words “fothermucker”. Of course mocking Wilson. I used to hate that thing Wilson did as a Giant, but now that I know he does it for his dad then it’s cool. Maybe Frazier will get some chin music if they meet in the playoffs? But, who cares really? Petty stuff. If the Dodgers close that one out then there is not cause for a Cincy celebration. Wilson is a valuable addition who will pay dividends. I am ready to party like it’s 1988!

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