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Dodgers News: Team’s Offseason Earns B- Grade

When Sports Illustrated handed out the preliminary offseason grade of B- to the Los Angeles Dodgers back on February 5th, it seemed fair. Roughly 10 days later, it still seems like a fair grade. Today, Sports Illustrated released their final Winter Report Cards, and the Dodgers kept their B- grade.

The Boys In Blue didn’t have the top offseason grade among National League squads. That went to the Chicago Cubs (A), however their B- grade was good enough for ninth. While that seems low, you have to also factor in that some “tanking” teams graded out higher than them.

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From Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated about the Dodgers’ offseason:

The Dodgers didn’t make the big, splashy moves that some expected this winter, but they’ve added or retained considerable depth in the rotation, infield and outfield.

Depth is something that should come into play during a 162-game grind that spans an eternity. That starting rotation depth should help them more this season than it ever could last season. That gives them the ability to survive any injury blows to a starter, at least for some time.

The infield and outfield depth is also seen as a positive since the team can deal from a position of strength to help fill and repair a position of weakness if necessary. While their bullpen is still mostly intact from last season, it should be better this season as Kenley Jansen will be healthy from the start.

The San Francisco Giants finished with an A grade, and the Arizona Diamondbacks came in just behind the Dodgers with a grade of C+. The San Diego Padres (C-) and Colorado Rockies (C-) were at the back of the pack, as you’d expect. So, Los Angeles graded out just fine in comparison.

With the season about to get underway, the Dodgers do have to feel good about their offseason despite not re-signing Zack Greinke. They have a deep rotation, depth across the board, and should be the favorites heading into the season in the NL West. That’s all you can ask for.

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