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Dodgers News: Training Staff Has Seen A Lot Of Patients Early On

Through 39 games this season, the Dodgers have been arguably the most injured team in all of baseball. Starting with Hanley Ramirez, the Dodgers have had to place players Zack Greinke, Chad Billingsley, Josh Beckett, Ted Lilly on the disabled list, to name a few.

The people who aren’t thought of with each Dodger injury is the training staff, who are in charge of making sure the team is healthy when they break Spring Training and during the season.

Head trainer Sue Falsone was asked by Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times if there’s any reason why the Dodgers are so injured:

“Spring training doesn’t mimic game intensity,” Falsone said. “Sometimes when you’re trying to kick it up one more gear that maybe you’ve never been to before, physics happens.”

Physics? I don’t even know what Falsone means here, but it sounds like players obviously don’t take spring games as seriously as regular season games and their bodies try and adjust.

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, they haven’t been able to adjust. Falsone explains that her and the staff visited Dodgers players in the off-season to ensure they would be fit when the team broke camp.

Falsone talked about the club’s health going into the season:

“We left spring not having one lower-body muscle injury,” Falsone said. “Right there, it shows us we were doing the right thing and were on the right track.”

Stan Konte, the Dodgers medical services chief, hired Falsone for her unorthodox methods in treating players injuries. If a player had a hip injury, Falsone would try and treat other areas that would contribute to the hip hurting instead of just the hip.

Ramirez’s injury in the WBC was the tip of the iceberg as the Dodgers haven’t been fully healthy all season. The Dodgers have improved, winning four of six and take on the Braves to begin their six-game road trip.

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