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Dodgers News: Vin Scully Reflects On His Dreams Coming True

Vin ScullyLos Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully celebrated his 86th birthday on Friday and a month from today he’ll be the Grand Marshal of the New Year’s Day Parade.

Scully was given the honor months ago and will also flip the coin for the 100th Rose Bowl game. Earlier this year, Scully announced he’ll be back for his 65th season calling Dodger games, much to the delight of baseball fans everywhere. Talking to Tom Hoffarth of the LA Daily News via The Huffington Post, the Hall of Fame broadcaster reflected on his career:

My life has been the fulfillment of a dream. I wrote for the nuns an essay when I was 8 years old on what I wanted to be when I grew up. So when I said I wanted to be a sports announcer, that was way out in left field. So when I eventually got that job with the Dodgers, in December of 1950, when I was 23, it really was the fulfillment of a dream just 15 years later. That’s rather remarkable in itself. I have a great deal to be thankful for.

As he’s gotten older, Scully has reduced his workload as he only calls games in California and Arizona. In 2013, with the Dodgers favored to make it to the World Series by many, Scully traveled with the team to Atlanta and St. Louis to call the first and last three innings on the radio.

Always humble, Vin talked about the evolution of the floats in the parade and his other experiences calling college football games and how he doesn’t expect much airtime (not true) during the broadcast.

The Dodgers are expected to be a leading contender in the NL and a favorite to make the World Series as everyone will have the delight of listening to him call games for at least one more season.


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