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Dodgers News: What The Charter-TWC Merger Means

There is a deal on the horizon between Charter and Time Warner Cable that will merge the two companies into one, and thus there will be a major cable company here in the greater Los Angeles area. But, what does this mean for the Los Angeles Dodgers? The team has been blacked out on television, and a large portion of people cannot watch.

With so many fans unable to watch the Dodgers, perhaps there can be some sort of an agreement that Charter and other providers can come to over the team’s cable deal. After all, outside providers couldn’t come to a deal with Time Warner Cable, but maybe they can with Charter now that the new deal has been approved by the U.S. Justice Department.

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From Georg Szalai and Paul Bond of the Hollywood Reporter:

The U.S. Justice Department on Monday approved the planned acquisition of both Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks by Charter Communications, though the deal still requires FCC approval.

The only other step required for full approval is that the Federal Communications Commission, otherwise known as the FCC, has to sign off on the deal. There doesn’t seem to be much resistance on their side of the aisle, though, so this deal should go through with relative ease. Charter is going to be a major player in the greater Los Angeles area, and that could be good for Dodgers fans.

From Congresswoman Janice Hahn’s official website:

“This blackout has gone on far too long,” said Congresswoman Hahn. “Fans are frustrated and they want to know that both sides are working toward a resolution. I am working hard to bring everyone to the table and get our Dodgers back on Los Angeles televisions.”

The hope here is that some sort of deal could be agreed upon sometime soon, but don’t rush out and party just yet. This will take some time. As Congresswoman Hahn states, fans are definitely frustrated, and this purchase of Time Warner Cable by Charter could be the boost that negotiations need in order to make sure that frustration goes away.

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