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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Has Slimmed Way Down

Earlier today at Fan Fest, Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers showcased just how healthy he was by dancing with Alanna Rizzo and talking about how much he has worked out this offseason.

Well, the good news with the Dodgers’ energetic and enigmatic right fielder didn’t end there. Later on today, it was learned just how in shape Puig actually was. We’ve heard him say he was focusing on getting in better shape, but now we have some definitive insight.

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From Dylan Hernandez (@dylanohernandez) of the Los Angeles Times:

Okay, first off, that’s insane. Secondly, he’s not human. A seven percent body fat is definitely achievable, but it doesn’t usually happen with 6’3″, 240-pound athletes. Puig was listed at 255 pounds last season, and he’s shed nearly 20 pounds of weight during the offseason. This falls in line with the decrease in body fat.

If Puig is taking his offseason training regimen this seriously, it could be a scary year for the rest of baseball whenever he steps into the batter’s box. Puig seems motivated, and a motivated Puig might be an absolute terror on the diamond.

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