Dodgers Off-Season: Gerrit Cole Free Agency Update; Yankee Players Making Push

Staying up to day with the latest and greatest headlines involving Dodgers top free agent target Gerrit Cole.

First, we look at the overlying message when it comes to the ace with this video.

VIDEO: Gerrit Cole to the Dodgers? | MLB Free Agency

With that setting the table, after early reports had Cole looking at west coast teams above all else. But he later clarified his stance.

Dodgers: Free Agent Gerrit Cole Clarifies Stance on Playing for West Coast Team

ESPN’s Jeff Passan opines that the LA President of Baseball Operations is all about the biggest names on the market, including Cole.

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Loves Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon, Per Jeff Passan

At Dodgers Nation, we took a realistic look at all the options for the 2019 All-Star.

Dodgers Off-Season: Analyzing Gerrit Cole’s Free Agency Options

As did The Athletic.

Dodgers Identified as Best Fits for Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, and Will Smith by The Athletic

With Cole the hottest commodity in the game, it would no doubt be smart to look at and assess other options for the Dodgers.

Dodgers: Looking at Free Agent Zack Wheeler as a Backup Plan to Cole

Over at the New York Post, and (unfortunately) TMZ, New York Yankees players are reminding others that the east coast is very much in play for the free agent right hander.

The winter ahead will be long and arduous for MLB free agents — especially Scott Boras clients. With the big name players likely not signing until January or February at the earliest, the chatter is just heating up.

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  1. I love all these media writers highlighting Scott Boras being the super agent for all these top name players. Boras does not have the leverage like most these stupid writers think. He couldn’t find a market for JD Martinez two years ago, and last year he couldn’t get the 9 figure salaray for Dallas Keuchel, who wasn’t even signed unti June. Same thing with Eric Hosmer, who got a lot less than Boras asked for on the open market. Boras is not this god like power figure people perceive him as. In fact, Boras had been out-negotiated the past several years by many GMs and Presidents. And he’s just a one man show. Anyone want to compare Boras to a real super power agent behemoth, just look at WME (Endeavor) and CAA, Boras is nothing to those guys.

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