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Dodgers Off-Season: Hyun-Jin Ryu in Talks with Angels

Hyun-Jin Ryu had a stellar 2019 season and although the Cy Young runner-up wasn’t considered in the top tier of this year’s free agents, he is still expected to land a contract in the neighborhood of $20 million per year. It’s been questioned how committed the Dodgers are to keeping Ryu, but Maria Torres of the Los Angeles Times reported that the 32-year-old starting pitcher has engaged in talks with at least eight teams, including the Los Angeles Angels.

Ryu would likely immediately step into the number one spot on the Angels rotation and become their ace. He had 163 strikeouts and allowed 47 runs through 29 starts for a league-low 2.32 ERA.

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There’s no question that Ryu can be one of the best arms in the major leagues when healthy, he proved that in 2019. The question that remains is if he can stay healthy. He surpassed 150 innings pitched for just the third time in his six year career last season, his first time reaching that mark since 2014.

But if Ryu can consistently perform like he did in 2019, then 29 major league clubs should be put on notice when he’s picked up.


  1. If the Angels really want to compete they need both Ryu and Keuchel. All they seem to do is get hitting and no pitching. Kind of a waste over there

    1. The Dodgers want him, no doubt.
      But with his limited number of innings and injuries, is he worth what he’s asking?
      Probably not.
      Let him go to the Angels if he likes and see what it’s like to be on a .500 team

  2. Seems the only thing that’s getting better this off season for the Dodgers is Friedman’s beloved payroll budget.

  3. Let’s get one thing straight. When I look at the map Orange County is not in LA. As a matter of fact, a county isn’t part of a city, it’s the other way around. The Angels are in the city of Anaheim which is in Orange County. And the Dodgers are in the city of Los Angeles which is in Los Angeles County. Arts Moreno should at least name.his team something that makes sense!

    1. The Angels and the Kings are the only major teams born here. Maybe the Chargers for that first season, but not really.

      1. Angels were born a minor league squad and didn’t join the majors until after the Dodgers established BIG league baseball here

  4. Raising a family in downtown Los Angeles or Orange County? Hmm. That’s a tough one…..
    Have a great time in the OC Mr. Ryu.

  5. LA Angels makes sense for marketing and team worth. Baseball is a business.
    Angels should do whatever they can to sign Keuchel and Ryu. Or make a trade with the Dodgers for Maeda or another team for more mid rotation help and sign one of the aces Keuchel or Ryu.
    They are a great hitting and defensive team but no pitching in the years of MLB’s juiced ball.

  6. Typical Friedman, won’t pay to keep the talent he has. Won’t pay to replace the talent he loses. And arrogantly cons the fan base into believing they will have a chance at beating the teams that do the exact opposite! That top 5 farm system is going to win a world series!!!!!!!!!!! Blah blah blah! Just wait until these players developed! Well getem next year!! We feel confident this team can compete for a world series! Let the kids play!! We didn’t feel good with a long term contract! The mngt takes these losses harder than the fans!!! We love Ryu but feel our young pitchers need to developed at the major league level!!! Friedman, do you really think we fans are that stupid?

  7. Great post here, Kirk! I may be wrong, but it looks more and more that because teams really do not want to deal with the Dodgers that the team as is will embark to ST as they are. As you say Freidman appears OK with that. BTW as of this posting Dallas Keuchel has signed a 3 year deal with the White Sox so he is now off the board.

    1. Paul as each day passes, the team will lose out on player after player. Its painful to watch these money hoarders pretend they are actual players in the M.L.B. off season market. I’m feeling bad for first Kershaw, Turner,Maeda,Ryu and even Belli as they have all been great Dodgers that haven’t been awarded a FO that gives the same amount of work and effort as they have. The FO just wastes these guys window of opportunity to win a championship with their downsize corporate roll out mentality of if they earn a big payday, they will be replaced with unproven top farm player.

  8. Uh oh Paul, I answered you but Andres Tires is going 1 st amendment control again!!

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