Dodgers: Orel Hershiser Thinks Los Angeles Has the Advantage in This Hiatus

If you’re looking for a silver lining in all of this madness, Orel Hershiser has your back. The Dodgers’ television analyst and broadcaster went on with SportsNet LA to discuss the position that Los Angeles is in when the team eventually gets to take the field again.

Hershiser seems convinced that the Dodgers are in a better position than most teams to bounce back quickly from a long hiatus such as this. He says that the way the team has been built and set up, Los Angeles would have the edge in terms of getting locked in.

Not to look for who has advantages in all of this, but because the Dodgers are expected to be a championship team, because the Dodgers have veterans, because the organization is such a cohesive unit because what Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts put together. You really are looking at a unit that as all 30 teams decide to get ready and there is a schedule put in front of them. In the middle of that grey are, I think this club is very much prepared to be ready to go. 

There may be something to that, as the Dodgers have consistently been the team that plays extra games every year. Los Angeles has been to the playoffs every year since 2013, advancing to the World Series twice in that time. 

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The Dodgers are also anchored by veterans like Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner, and Kenley Jansen, all of whom have been pivotal in the team’s success the past five years. That presence and work ethic combined with the talent of the young guys makes for one lethal roster. 

The baseball hiatus also puts the Dodgers in a bit more of a predicament than most teams. Los Angeles was set to host the 2020 All-Star game in July, but that looks less likely every single day. Major League Baseball has already advised teams that the initial April 9th anticipated start date was not a reality. 

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