Dodgers: Fear Looms Over the All Star Game in Los Angeles

The Dodgers and their fans have been looking forward to 2020 for quite some time. Ever since it was announced that Los Angeles would be hosting MLB’s 2020 All-Star game, there has been a consistent feeling of anticipation. And now, things are looking very bad for Los Angeles.

The Dodgers have invested a hefty sum into renovations ahead of the 2020 All-Star game. In fact, there were so many renovations in the stadium that there was a growing nervousness that it would not be done by Opening Day. And now, baseball may not be able to make a return until July.

If Major League Baseball is not able to return until July, having an All-Star game makes little sense. It would be far too difficult to move it back given the extensive planning that goes into it. If the Dodgers were able to get going in July, that means the All-Star game would be played after just two weeks of games. 

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With that in mind, it seems less and less likely every day that the Dodgers will be hosting the 2020 All-Star game. There is a possibility that if it does get canceled, they will be awarded the 2021 All-Star game or a later year. Major League Baseball tends to plan out the locations years in advance, as Los Angeles was awarded the honor in April of 2018. 

The 2021 All-Star game is set to be hosted by the Braves, so that could change things as well. Might we see a  2022 All-Star game in Los Angeles?

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  1. MLB should consider moving the game. By the All-Star game, there will be homeless people dropping dead on the streets. San Diego and Oakland won’t be any better. Maybe move it to SF.

  2. What if you built ( or renovated) a shiny new stadium and nobody came? Welcome to the 2020 nonseason! Fantasy baseball has taken on a whole new meaning. Fear has replaced real baseball as the new national pastime!

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