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Dodgers Outfield is Locked for the Postseason: Are they Ready?

Before Sunday’s season finale versus the San Francisco Giants, Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, addressed the media to talk about locking in the postseason roster for his outfield.

Starting with players that were a given like Joc Pederson and Howie Kendrick, Roberts slowly added to the list with Andrew Toles, Yasiel Puig, Josh Reddick, Yasiel Puig and Andre Ethier. This gives the Dodgers a great defensive unit with Reddick, Puig and Pederson along with the flexibility (kinda) in offense with Toles’ speed and the left handed bat that Ethier can bring.

“I told him from the very beginning that I don’t care how many hits he gets,” Roberts said. “I just want the at-bat quality that I’ve seen in the past 10 years over the course of his major league career. I’ve seen that. The legs look good. The value that he can give us off the bench against a quality relief pitcher, I like it.”  – Dave Roberts, LA Times

Despite the relatively poor offensive numbers Ethier has produced in the past few weeks, I’d say most Dodger fans agree that they need a veteran left handed bat to help balance out the lineup.


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