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Dodgers: Pedro Baez Signs With the Houston Astros

Dodgers fans knew that this year, they would have to watch a lot of their free agents walk. With several guys slated to hit the market after the 2020 World Series, it was inevitable that they would start signing elsewhere. 

We got our first big one today, as Pedro Baez will be heading somewhere else. The right-handed reliever signed a deal with the Houston Astros that will keep him there through the 2022 season. That’s right, those same Astros that cheated Baez and the Dodgers out of a 2017 World Series. 

You can’t really fault a guy for taking a guaranteed contract and getting paid to play the game of baseball. But the fact that Baez is heading to the Astros no doubt will not sit right with Dodgers fans as the news spreads. 

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Baez wasn’t the best reliever for the Dodgers, but he was sort of just always there. He was signed by the Dodgers as a third baseman out of the Dominican way back in 2007. He converted to a pitcher in 2012 and eventually made his debut with the big league team in May of 2014. 

Since then, Baez has compiled 355 appearances and tossed 356 innings in his Dodgers career. He totaled a 3.61 ERA and struck out just over 9 batters per 9 innings pitched, adding in 3 saves. He was slightly less effective in the postseason where he posted a 3.99 ERA through 31 appearances. Even worse, he allowed 10 of 17 inherited runners to score over 9 outings.

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  1. Good for Petey to get a contract. The Astros? Yuck. But if you want to stay in the bigs you only have 30 options. They are still a contender. It’s not like he had to sign with the Orioles or the Pirates. I wish him luck in the rest of the his career and I am happy any time someone picks Jim Crane’s pocket.

  2. Pedro got his ring, now is his time to let somebody else in the LA bullpen and for him to maximize his dollars. Many fans called him “gas can”- but glad he got his ring.

  3. Leave it to Baez to sign with an enemy team but he wasn’t going to be back here what with the additions the Dodgers made in the BP thus far. Dodgers will be fine without him anyway.

  4. Even though Petey wasn’t a reliable reliever, any of our boys signing with those Cheaters doesn’t sit well with me.
    Well, good luck to him and onward for us!

  5. Re Baez, no one cares that he’s going to the Trashro’s! Glad he’s gone, bye, bye ?

  6. I won’t miss him at all. First off he was a human rain delay as it took forever fir him to pitch, secondly during that horrible losing streak of 1-16 In September 2017 he totally sucked and although other players were responsible for that horrible stretch he was the guy who stuck out in our minds. Why Dave Roberts kept having faith in “Petey” (God I hate that nickname) is beyond me but Roberts often lead with his heart and not his head. Would anybody trust Baez to close out a 1 run World Series game in the ninth inning?

  7. I imagine if he had other choices he might have made a different decision. Given the slow off season players are starting to wonder what the future for them was going to be. People are talking about next off season’s glut of shortstops and if Seager goes Correa’s name is in the mix. I wonder what uproar there would be then. 2017 is in the mirror.

  8. Thank God we got rid of one of the most inconsistent relievers the Dodgers had. Typical he would go to the ASStros, as they could use another face of inconsistency in their lineup. We will beat them fairly, again and again.

  9. Petey can now have a nice ERA for the trashtros while letting all those inherited runners score. The trashtors are the perfect team for him. I hope his agent got him twice the money he was worth.

  10. Pedro just never really worked out as the Dodgers would have liked… All the best in Houston…

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