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Dodgers Reportedly in on Potential DH Marcell Ozuna

The news today from Ken Rosenthal that MLB is likely to use the universal DH in 2021 has fans in a tizzy. It also explains the Dodgers being linked to big-name bats like Marcell Ozuna, a guy that only makes sense for their lineup if the DH is an option.

The reported interest came out before Ronsethal revealed that the DH was likely, so there was some confusion at first. It led many Dodgers fans to wonder if the DH had already been discussed and if teams were already planning on it. Clearly, Los Angeles anticipates that it will be a topic of conversation in the coming weeks if they have an interest in singing Ozuna.

The report came from MLB translator Mike Rodriguez and later confirmed by MLB Insider Hector Gomez. Jon Morosi later confirmed that Ozuna had AL and NL teams talking to him about a contract. If accurate, the Dodgers adding Ozuna into the mix could prove to be a devastating offensive attack. Ozuna is coming off of the best year of his career in which he slashed .338/.431/.636 and a 1.067 OPS with the Braves.

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Ozuna also hit 16 homeruns in 60 games with the Braves in 2020 and tacked on 3 more in the postseason. Although he is not the same outfielder that won a Gold Glove award back in 2017, Ozuna isn’t the worst solution. But if he is playing with the Dodgers, the DH would obviously be a preferred option. 

The Dodgers have not yet been connected to any other DH type of players. However, adding the DH into the NL would make the situation with Justin Turner a little more interesting. Los Angeles could consider giving him a third-year if they have the DH to lean on, and that might be enough fot JT to return. 

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  1. Sure, kick the tires. But do they really want someone that one-dimensional? They pride themselves on moving people around and he’s not that person. It would also mean that Smith’s bat would be out of the lineup when Barnes catches. I just don’t see this happening. i wonder if they are making this “noise” to get Turner to step back from his four year demand.

    1. Interesting take and very well could be a case where as ya say getting Turner to come off that 4 year request. Also it was said earlier this off season that Dodgers most likely will not sign or trade for anyone who can’t field a position. That said acquisition obviously does not have to be a gold glove player but he also can’t be one dimensional either.

  2. Osuna 2 good years out 8 or 9 seasons. Probably did steroids those good seasons cause he has seasons with 250 average not impressed.No need just let Pollock be regular starter in left field he did hit 16 hrs in 60 games.Stop platooning players since Kike and Joc are gone no need for that, if Lux has problems Use Taylor at 2nd base.We have Wil Smith.Taylor and Mookie and Pollock and Barnes that’s 5 righthanded hitters more than enough cause Corey and Bellinger hit lefthanders too. Nobody has more depth than dodgers even without Turner.. They should come to an agreement for 3 years at a reasonable price cause JT can’t be a regular without getting hurt and missing 1/3 of season this way Roberts can find ways of keeping Turner healthy like he did with Matt Kemp.
    Dodgers 7 more World Series trophies in next 10 years.Cause there’s still a huge gap between Dodgers and rest of league

    1. AJ’s splits are not good. 100 pt difference between left and right pitchers. Are the Dodgers going to play him against both especially since he has his share of injuries? Still think he should platoon but we need a better left handed bat than Joc was.

      1. You’re talking about 220 ABs (60 against LHP) in 2020; Here’s AJ’s career splits in 2800 ABs:

        RHP 335/453/788
        LHP 334/523/857

        About half as many ABs against LHP (853 to 1928) in his career.

        1. Exactly what reference guide did you find these splits? He’s a lifetime .279 hitter, only 2 seasons over ,300, and hit .276 last year. And a 1.300 OPS? Seriously?

  3. Don’t need this high priced clown who doesn’t know how to tag up from 3rd Base (NLDS) thank goodness for that blonder . Dodgers don’t need Osuna to win another Crown. Next year they free up Kenley’s salary and the Dodgers can focus on the Bellinger and Seager signings that will keep them in LA with Mookie over the next 6-8 Years so that they can become the “TEAM OF THE DECADE” in MLB .

    1. Jeff. ‘If ya got one foot in yesterday and one in tomorrow the only place you’re not experiencing is today, and that’s where we got to be. Now is the time to re-sign Turner and or LeMehieu or get another RHB or 2 elsewhere. Kike is also a FA.

  4. I would be scratching my head if the Dodgers went for Ozuna. They’ve improved their defense, in recent seasons, and Ozuna is not known for his defensive skills. Yes, he’s a power hitting right handed bat, but he strikes out a lot. I would rather have a better contact hitter. There’s enough power throughout most the Dodger lineup. Even if the NL adopts the DH, there are plenty of guys on the Dodger roster that can be penciled into the DH spot, depending on pitching match-ups. And if JT does re-sign, I suspect he’ll probably get the most DH-AB’s. The money spent on Ozuna can be better used in the bullpen or other areas that need improvement.

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