Dodgers Postseason: Adam Kolarek Talks Winning the World Series

Dodgers relief pitcher, Adam Kolarek, recently joined MLB Network radio to talk about his teammates, celebrating, and how it feels to win a World Series Championship.

It’s been very nice the last few days to let it all start sinking in. I think it feels the most real whenever I just flip through the channels they’ll reshow the final out, show all the sprinting onto the field. When I see it on tv like that I’m just reminded of watching baseball my whole life and seeing all those highlights and dreaming of being out there on the field one day celebrating like that.

Undoubtedly, we were all excited beyond our wildest dreams when the Dodgers finally broke that three-decade running dry spell. Everyone has their story on where they were and who they were with and how they celebrated, but for Kolarek, it was a front row seat.

Being in the bullpen and seeing that final pitch it’s crazy because you got maybe 10-12 guys down there with ya, you instantly start celebrating there but everyone has the same reaction of wanting to get through that bullpen door and sprint through the outfield to join the rest of the team.

While most of us will never know the feeling of being out on the field clenching a World Series title, Kolarek’s description can give each and every fan some insight into the overwhelming joy of the Boys in Blue.

It’s an honor to play with all the guys that are on my team especially when you look at guys like Kersh that I’ve looked up to for so long myself just as a baseball player and getting to be his teammate is been just incredible. He was in the bullpen with us for that final out. It’s elation, you know, you’re laughing, you’re semi-crying, you feel totally like a little kid. It’s just the best feeling you can imagine.

We may not be able to celebrate together just yet, but when that Dodgers/Lakers championship parade finally does happen, we’re gonna party like it’s 1988.

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  1. Thank you for the glimpse into winning the WS by Kolarek. Dodger players and Fans are still giddy with joy. I know I am.

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