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Dodgers Postseason: Astros Cheating Can’t Hide Even At A Kings Game

Playing professional sports automatically puts you in the realm of winning at all costs. Whether it’s training, practicing or being gifted you want to excel at your craft no matter what, but nobody likes a cheater.

Part of what draws fans to the game is knowing (for the most part) games aren’t rigged and what you see on the field is what you get. The Astros notoriously did not follow these rules after winning the World Series in 2017, a series that took the Dodgers to seven games and nearly ruined the legacy of Clayton Kershaw.

Five years later, and the Astros still get reminded of what they did even if isn’t at an MLB arena. The LA Kings are right behind the Dodgers with an LA fanbase and took to the fan cam to express how they truly feel of the Astros still.

It’s all fun and games when the look alike cam comes on and it gave the fans of the arena to cheer. One Jose Altuve came onto the screen, fans of the arena did not hold back their boos. 

To add more comedic effect, they put Altuve’s look alike as, you guessed it, a trash can. Clearly the pain is still felt within the LA community and is something fans will not let go easily, and rightfully so.

Cheating should have never been apart of the game and is something that will forever taint the Astros and the MLB. There have been actions in place to stop such atrocious acts to ever happen again so maybe some comedic relief is the way to go.

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  1. Let’s never forget that @Musgrove , though he’s hiding out in a Padres uniform (as bad as that is) , is a recipient of one of the stolen World Series Rings of 2017……

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