Dodgers: Promise Kept! Mookie Keeps His Word and Helps Bring Title Back to LA

It takes more than one player to win a championship, but for the Dodgers, Mookie Betts was the piece that changed everything.

From the moment he signed with LA, Betts had a ring on his mind and was determined to help his new team climb that final hurdle. Back in July, when baseball was starting to look like a possibility again, Mookie shared his excitement on getting the opportunity to compete for a title again.

It’s going to be an amazing thing to put on a Dodger uniform. Really, to put on a uniform in general, I’m happy. This is basically a new home for me. I’m super excited. Got 60 games to get in the playoffs. Then got to bring home a ring.”

And just 3 months and 7 days later, Mookie kept his word. Although he didn’t get us there alone, his leadership, drive, and pure passion for the game led the way for this hungry Dodgers squad as they won their first title since 1988.

If the 2017 Dodgers were the team of destiny, this year’s version was definitely the dream team. With everything that went wrong in 2020, this team being able to put it all aside and win it all meant everything to this city and to this fanbase. It’s been a long 32 years since this city crowed a baseball champion, but the future looks just as bright as the present for these Dodgers.

With the final out still fresh in the memory of fans around the world, Mookie Betts left us all with another message: They’re not done yet. Get ready for plenty of October memories, Dodger fans.

Thank you for the first one, Mookie!

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Daniel Palma

Daniel is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown teams. If he's not watching baseball, you can find him playing or coaching. No matter what, he'll always root for the Boys in Blue!


  1. Sometimes it takes a singular personality, ala Gibson in 1988, to make the difference. But it was great to see some important contributions by a lot of different players to get the job done, particularly by some who may have donned Dodger blue for the last time like Pedersen, Baez, Hernandez and Wood. Yes, I realize that I didn’t mention Turner, but the Dodgers have to bring him back.

  2. Betts is the team MVP. He does everything at an incredible level. Small ball. Long ball. Base running.
    Fielding. Throwing. Everthing. Some teams have captains. Most don’t. Whether you call him the captain or not, Betts is the leader of this time. Kershaw, Turner, Pederson, Jansen, and all the long time players who have played great on great teams for many years, but never brought home a championship until now, owe a big debt of gratitude to Mookie Betts for finally getting them over the hump. Mookie’s biggest contribution is his winning attitude and teamwork that finally put the Dodgers over the top. Mookie’s 12 year contract is the best move the Dodger FO has ever made. 2020 is just the beginning of a decade + of championship baseball.

    Friedman is the 2020 MVP of GM’s. Mostly for getting and signing Betts long term. But other moves like Graterol will pay off big for many years as well. Now he just has to hold them together. The Dodgers have no pressing personnel needs for 2021 that need to be filled from outside the organization. They are probably the only team in baseball in that position. They are talented and deep. Keep this group together. Starting with Turner. Give him a two or three year contract. Betts is the leader of this team. But Turner is the heart and soul of it.

    This 2020 championship was one of the few bright spots of the entire year. The year of corona virus has really sucked. Thank you to the entire Dodger organization for bringing something really positive into an otherwise dissapointing and forgettable year.

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