Dodgers: Proof Astros Cheated in World Series, Robbed Clayton Kershaw’s Legacy

With the Los Angeles Dodgers visiting Minute Maid Park for a two game interleague set with the hated Astros, we take a deep dive into the existing proof that Houston electronically stole signs during Game 5 of the 2017 World Series.

We break down the film and the methods the Astros used to relay the signs in real-time. Plus, how the Houston Astros cheating changed Clayton Kershaw’s legacy forever, and cost him a shot at being considered the greatest pitcher of all time.

Next, Austin Barnes discusses his feelings towards the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal the rocked Major League Baseball.



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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Ruined his legacy temporarily as it turns out. He showed up in 2020 all is well. Let’s get that second one for 2017

  2. Clayton will be a first ballot HOF inductee. His number 22 will never be worn by another Dodger player. He’s had, and still does have, a chance to wear multiple championship rings. However, to know the Astros cheated and were allowed to keep the trophy and rings, goes beyond stupid by the League (thanks Manfred). Even if the title didn’t revert to the Dodgers, it sure as heck shouldn’t be held by a cheating organization. Dodger fans will NEVER forget. I suspect the rest of baseball will eventually, when no one on that Houston team is still in the league.

  3. The games in August at Dodger Stadium will be the really fun times! Are those games sold out?

  4. I did some quick math using the SWSTR% from the video: 23.9% on sliders, 14.1% on curveballs.

    According to Baseball Savant, Clayton Kershaw threw 39 sliders and 12 curveballs in that Game 5, and only got 1 swinging strike on a slider. Doug says 0 in the video, I’ve also read 0 somewhere, but I’m not going to watch the game again and work out who’s right.

    Anyway, with these SWSTR%, you’d expect Kershaw to get on average 11 total swinging strikes on his 51 breaking pitches. More interestingly, the probability that he wouldn’t get any swinging strike is .0003819%, or a 1 in 261867 chance. The probability that he’d get at most 1 swinging strike is much higher: a whopping .004677%, or a 1 in 21380 chance.

    Now that achievement in plate discipline by the Asterisks really seems legit, doesn’t it?

  5. The Astros World Series ‘victory’ in 2017 should be annulled, with no team winning that year for the record, and they should also be required to return all World Series player and team bonuses, rings, trophies, etc. That way no one will forget what a grave mistake they made, hopefully preventing it from ever happening again.

    1. I concur, but Manfred is a snake. The lawsuit by the pitcher that was in LA for a year or two showed that Manfred worked out a deal with Asterisks ownership prior to any such “investigation”. The faux investigation was all for media consumption. Hopefully, that lawsuit continues to provide the public more deceitful information, and the owners fire Manfred and cancel the World Series title and benefits…

  6. That would be a 10, I think they should have been booted out of MLB and not allowed to ever play again, and their World Series win should have been vacated, they should have had to return the rings and the money. Questions 2 and 3, it affected both Kershaw and Darvish as well as other players, as Mike Fiers talked about. I will never understand why they went unpunished when it was patently obvious they cheated in the World Series (which they denied) as their own World Series video (?!) showed them coming in from the dugout after two games (3rd and 5th?) where the cheating setup was set up. Either that was in the video because it was put together by someone who doesn’t know anything about baseball or it was someone with a conscience. I am concerned that they also did not remove the results from the statistics of Kershaw and Darvish of those two games. I don’t believe this will ever go away and eventually something will be done about it.

  7. Erik Kratz, recently retired veteran catcher of several different clubs in both leagues, just went on record as saying the Rockies and DODGERS used the same sign stealing scam as the Astros. You hypocrites are just mad you lost.

    1. He did not say Dodgers – just the Rockies, as well as a team that has been to the WS recently. So until he produces any evidence, I don’t believe him!

  8. I will NEVER again refer to the Houston ballclub by their “rightful” name. I will always refer to them as the Assh*les, and even better I like calling them the Asterisks, but best of all, I like referring to them as the Asstros. Yes, with two S’s. They cheated their way to never being called their rightful name again. To me, they are even worse than the Black Sox, who cheated for someone else. They cheated for their own glory. That is the worst. They cheated, lied about it publicly, and showed NO remorse for it. And still don’t. And they weren’t punished, either!!

  9. It’s interesting how many Dodger fans still invest so much emotional energy in hating the Astros. As an Astros fan it is oddly satisfying, kind of like David getting the better of Goliath – or at least Goliath’s fans. The fact is, though, that the storied Dodgers franchise is a more successful one, with a richer history of accomplishments, milestones, and famous players. And as for the future, the contention window for the Dodgers will remain open indefinitely, due to their deep pockets and smart front office. They’d never consider a total tear-down as a means to return to title contention. It’s doubtful that the Astros will ever achieve as much long-term success, being a mid-market team with fewer resources to call upon.
    Anyway, thanks, I guess, for hating our team and making us a big deal as your enemy. It has been fun, and should continue to be for a few more years. (Or longer, based on sentiments from Old_fashioned_baseball_fan, Michael Snyder, Eric H., and others, haha!) I do admire your energy. It takes a lot to hold that kind of grudge!

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