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Dodgers: Fans Overtake Minute Maid Park, Clayton Kershaw Calls it a ‘Good Feeling’

The long-anticipated wait has ended as the Dodgers took on the Houston Astros with fans in attendance for the first time since it the sign-stealing scandal was revealed. Last week it was announced that Minute Maid Park would expand to max capacity when the Dodgers arrived in town for the two-game set.

It’s possible that the Astros believed they could use the increase to create a more friendly environment for their players, but they thought wrong. In fact, it did the complete opposite as Dodger fans took over Minute Maid Park and dominated the atmosphere.

Just take a look.

Dodgers Fans Takeover

Shame, Shame!

Just being at the game wasn’t enough either as fans took it upon themselves to shame the team that possibly stole a World Series title away from their beloved team in 2017. The Dodgers sure felt the love and energy in the building as Clayton Kershaw mentioned after the game.

“So cool. So cool. [It was] a really great atmosphere tonight. It was really special to see that many Dodger fans there … it was a good feeling tonight to have them there.”


Speaking of a franchise that is okay with cheating, the absence of trash can banging was prevalent as Kershaw spun a gem going 7 and 2/3 innings while allowing one run. The Dodgers on the other hand had their way with Houston all night long, which could be seen during the Walk-a-Palooza they held in the 8th inning.

Joe Kelly’s Return

The last time Joe Kelly was in H-Town, he was handed a five-game suspension. In return, he became a legend for striking out Carlos Correa and pouting at him as he strutted off of the field to the dugout. Kelly was called upon yet again last night to relieve Kershaw in the bottom of the 8th inning. He got Jose Altuve to ground out to Justin Turner and end the frame.


While we know Houston was okay with cheating back in 2017, these fans give hope that not everyone in the world is like that.

Early Exits

Tuesday night’s game was definitely not as competitive as the 2017 World Series or even any of the games played by the two teams last season. That didn’t settle well with many Houston fans as they ended up heading to the exits early.

Bad Taste

There may be out there that think fans are going a bit hard on the team or that we should all move on, but when an opposing team creates merchandise like this, it may make you think twice about feeling that way.

Final Thoughts

The win marks 8 straight for and 12 of 13. They’ll have a chance to go for the quick sweep with Trevor Bauer on the mound.

Bauer and the Astros… this is going to be good.

Whether it be more heckling from fans or trolling from Bauer himself, Game 2 may surpass the events in Game 1.

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  1. BTW, apropos of nothing but the ball/strike calls from the plate umpire last nite was the best I’ve seen all year. He missed a couple, but those were calls that could go either way they were so close. I’m a big proponent of electronic B/S but it wouldn’t be necessary if all the umps could call a game like Moscoso did.

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