Dodgers Remain Odds On Favorites to Win the 2022 World Series

Betting on baseball can be a risky proposition, because anything can happen in any given game. With the expansion of the postseason, which is bigger than ever this year, the odds of the best team winning the World Series get worse and worse, because every additional round adds a layer of randomness to the process.

Still, if you are looking to bet on the postseason, your best bet is probably to go with the best team in baseball to win it all. And Fox Bet Live agrees.

There are twelve teams currently in playoff position, with the Brewers still technically alive for the final spot in the National League. The odds here line up pretty closely with the teams’ actual regular-season records.

Baseball-Reference has the Dodgers at 26.1% chances of winning the World Series, quite a bit higher than the second-highest Astros at 18.9%. The Dodgers are also listed at 42.6% chances of reaching the World Series, with Houston second-highest at 37.8%.

If you come across Biff Tannen’s sports almanac and happen to know the Brewers end up winning the World Series this year, go ahead and put a bunch of money on that and get yourself set for life. But if you’re like the rest of us and have to just guess at what’s going to happen, the smart money is on the Dodgers.

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