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Dodgers Remaining Schedule Ranks Out as One of the Easiest in MLB

The Dodgers are trialing the Padres and the Giants in the National League West. While many expected San Diego to be in contention all year, San Francisco has been a pleasant surprise to the baseball world. But that might not last for long. 

According to Baseball Reference’s remaining strength of schedule assessment, the Giants and Padres both have a tougher path to the playoffs. The Dodgers ranked out as having one of the easier schedules remaining. In fact, only the Central Division has a weaker schedule in the National League. 

That puts the Dodgers in a great spot, especially considering they started the year having ranked out with a difficult schedule. It either means that the teams they have remaining have severely underperformed or they’ve already gotten through the toughest part of their schedule. Both can be true. 

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This week alone, the Dodgers play 6 games against 2 very bad teams. The Rangers and Pirates are both in last place in their division and have combined for 73 losses in 2021. They’re expected to at least win both of those series, if not sweep one of them.

In the near future, the Dodgers don’t play a team with a winning record until they head down to San Diego on the 21st of June. They’ll run into another tough string of games from there, playing 4 against the Cubs and 2 against the Giants. 

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  1. “This week alone, the Dodgers play 6 games against 2 very bad teams.” It does not matter who they face, weather be strong or weak and more often than not the weak teams, the Dodgers let their guard down and have problems with winning.

      1. Hopefully the manager doesn’t use all of his bench up before the 6th inning again. Hopefully the team takes extra batting practice,and hopefully the starters give up less than 3 runs because if any of those scenarios don’t occur the Dodgers will be 5 games back next time they face the Pads and Giants. With the lack of contact hitters and sacrificing runners, lack of clutch hitting and no one that can steal a base, the Homers are the only way they can score.

  2. Trying not to be a debbie downer but every team in the MLB is as good as the Dodgers right now. There is no fire from this team. Roberts IMO and his arrogant demeanor is rubbing off on these guys. Sure need a Lasorda Sparky Anderson leader for these moments, to start holding these guys accountable. Runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs, Dodger hitter in a 2 for 29 slump? How about bunt and run, hit and run? This team has good team speed!!! How about putting some pressure on the opposition for once instead of the other way around…..That’s how you get teams back on their heels…..

    1. I agree the team needs a more agressive …think outside the box type of field mngr. With inconsistent hitting you need to find other ways of scoring instead of always waiting for the home run. Got to be more creative when not much offense happening. A Lasorda/Anderson/B. Martin mngr. will kick some a- -, when players are not playing up to par, bench them, or do some intimidating motivations. Enough of the rah rah fake act and trying to be a goody two shoes to the guys. Don’t baby these guys… you make them soft and complacent which is disgusting to watch. Stop making excuses for the under performance of not only the young ones but the stars as well. The team is taking on the persona that they’re the best, but the blind is leading the blind.

      1. Agreed, Roberts has this Entitlement approach with these guys. The pitching has been awesome, and I give him credit for learning a little bit of when to pull a guy etc. But his loyalty to Bellinger, Pollock and Betts right now is killing this lineup. Beaty , and even Neuse or Peters were just as good as Bellinger. How About Taylor lead off, Turner 2nd,Beauty 3rd, Muncy/Pujols 4th, Betts 5th, Smith 6th, Bellinger 7th,Lutz 8th? Pollock/Pujols could be Righty off bench, Yoshi left off the Bench. Last night once again a pitcher with a 5 ERA shuts them down. Thank God for JT……

    2. The Dodgers need a management shake-up before things get too far out of control and they can’t recover.

  3. every response was a downer. look at the Dodgers now about to sweep the bucs and next the Rangers. already moved from 3rd to 2nd place in the West. Betts is on fire! and all this yet to get back Seager, Graterol and a few others from injuries. This team is going to dominate in the dog days of summer with everyone healthy!

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