Dodgers: By The Numbers, This is The Best Chris Taylor Ever

On a Dodgers team full of stars, one player’s magnificent start to the season might be getting lost in the shuffle. Chris Taylor has been on an absolute tear to start the 2021 season.

His 2021 collective output from March to May is the best of his career through the first two months of the season. Taylor bested his career March through May averages in home runs, batting average, walk rate, RBI, and OPS.

His 14 pitch at-bat against the Cardinals on Tuesday epitomized how far the Dodgers slugger has come since he arrived in Los Angeles in 2016.

Taylor March – May 2021 vs March – May 2015-2019

  • HR: 7 (Career Average: 3.4)
  • BA: .280 (.247)
  • OPS: .889 (.749)
  • wRC+: 150 (90.9)
  • BB%: 13.7% (9.9%)
  • RBI: 28 (11.8)

If you aren’t sold yet, Taylor is a top-25 position player by WAR (1.9). His 149 weighted runs created plus (wRC+) ranks 17th in baseball through Saturday. For the Dodgers, he trails only Max Muncy (165) in that category.

In fact, pick a key metric, weighted on-base average, OPS, or WAR – Taylor is in the top 25.

Since this is a Chris Taylor article, this writer is legally obligated to mention that Taylor was acquired from the Mariners in exchange for starter Zach Lee. Lee owns a career 8.53 ERA in 12.2 IP in the majors. He’s currently in the minors and hasn’t pitched in the MLB since 2017.

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Back to the point at hand, Taylor should be in line for his first-ever All-Star appearance If he can keep up this level of production.

He’s not a household name, but his value to this Dodger club can’t be overstated. Taylor’s ability to stay healthy, play multiple positions, and contribute offensively at a high level are big reasons why the Dodgers have continued to win games despite injuries to Seager, Bellinger, and Betts.

This is the best version of Chris Taylor.


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  1. The best Chris Taylor ever thus needs to be extended before he hits FA. I even say it should be done before considering Sesger, as Cory’s agent is Boras, who will want Seager to hit open market first.

  2. The Dodgers can clearly survive without both Hernandez and Pederson, but this year shows that they can’t survive without Taylor. Time for a raise and an extension.

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