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Dodgers Reportedly In Contact With Cleveland Indians On Mike Clevinger

You can add Mike Clevinger to the short list of starters that the Dodgers are in contact with teams about acquiring. After being in contact with Rangers regarding Lance Lynn this week, Los Angeles is also apparently interested in the Cleveland Indians’ right-handed pitcher. 

Clevinger has a good chance of being dealt away from the Indians, despite the fact that they are in first place in the AL Central. He violated team COVID protocols earlier this month and was optioned to the minor league camp as a result. Worse than that, Clevinger broke the trust of teammates by keeping information from them. That could put the Dodgers in a spot to land him.

As recently as Friday, the pricetag for Clevinger was reported to be exceptionally high. Some reports have suggested that the Indians want major league talent while others think they want 3-4 prospects in return. Luckily, the Dodgers have both of those packages available if they should choose to make a move. 

Clevinger represents an intriguing option for the starting rotation. He’s been pretty dominant over the last three years, but something seems off about 2020. His FIP is nearly 2.5 full runs above his ERA, suggesting that his luck is going to run out at some point. The Dodgers could use him as a piece for the back end of the rotation, but that would also just be a luxury. 

At this point, the Dodgers would probably only go after top talent if they’re serious about making moves. 

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  1. With the Padres dealing the Dodgers need Clevinger or Lynn. San Diego can easily close the 5 game gap.

  2. The Cleveland Baseball Team (soon to formerly be the Indians) is in 1st place and selling. But at least we have a marxist terror organization’s logo painted on the pitching mound. I guess that’s some consolation.

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