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Dodgers Reportedly Sign Former Giants Outfielder

Steven Duggar spent his 2022 season split between three different teams where he appeared in only 29 games.

He spent four and a half seasons with the Giants after getting his major league start in 2018. He played in 12 games with San Francisco in 2022 before being picked up by Texas where he only spent 2 months before the Angels picked him up in August.

Across his 72 at-bats, he had 11 hits with 4 RBI and 5 stolen bases. He finished his season with 41 strikeouts and a career-low .153 AVG.

But the Dodgers must have seen some potential in the journeyman because they were willing to sign him to a minor league contract this week:

Although a .153 AVG isn’t all that great, the Dodgers seem to be building for depth right now, especially in some positions that have not been filled just yet. That includes the outfield which is lacking due to Cody Bellinger’s move to Chicago.

Duggar’s batting average might be a little off from Belli’s AVG last season of .210 but with a little help in the Dodgers’ stellar minor league system, he could find himself out on the field with the LA squad by summer.

He will have to do a lot of work in the meantime during Spring Training but getting a few appearances in Dodger Stadium doesn’t seem like a pipe dream. He has a 100% fielding percentage and a career AVG of .236 and .660 OPS plus a few years of MLB experience.

Duggar will be assigned to OKC and although he once played for our rivals up north, the Dodgers could help bring the 29-year-old outfielder to life and become a key reserve if we need him down the road.

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Kristilyn Hetherington

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  1. Already a fraction improvement over bellingering gallo. Can you believe those two got to combine 30 million for this year.. what the freaking ass I mean judge gets that much money I mean good God

  2. We could have at least picked up Jeter Downs that the Nationals just signed today off the DFA. Could have got our guy back that we traded for best they can keep stinking verdugo, got like that it seems like you be cancer in the clubhouse definitely not after what he said he’ll never be welcome back what up do you speak turn sandwich

  3. Can we get Mr.JocTober back. Enough is enough already. We should have just kept TreaTurner then.

  4. Geez Louise, couldn’t Friedman find a guy who’s batting average was less than .100?

  5. Bone pile rejects and the fans will still show up ! In fact the ownership will probably Raise prices on everything…

  6. And yet … ANOTHER … WAISTED … signing. The Dodgers put SO MUCH MONEY into re-building Dodger Stadium, that they have NO MONEY left to sign ACTUAL PLAYER’S, only the krackerjack YO-YO’S.

    1. They are saving their money for Ohtani next year. He a $50M-$60M a year player. Ohtani will have THE BIGGEST contract EVER in MLB. My guess will be 8-10yrs for between $515M-$575M

  7. It’s annoying to see dodger fans act like this Over every signing(we cant get every top free agent out there). He could be a diamond in the rough(hes also moved to so many different teams) . Regardless tho with the bauer situation and soon to be free agents out there/how many teams got high payrolls now, we won’t have much competition and there’s plenty of talent out there. I like these signings you never know what could happen we could build him up and possibly trade him to save some cash

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