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Dodgers Reportedly Viewed As Giancarlo Stanton’s First Choice

Giancarlo Stanton has been the most talked about subject of the offseason thus far, and for good reason. It’s not every day that you have an opportunity to trade for the reigning National League MVP who is coming off of a 59-homer campaign. There are a handful of teams pursuing the 28-year old slugger, but some teams believe that his preferred destination is Los Angeles.

Jon Morosi of MLB Network had a series of tweets early Monday discussing the current situation:

Stanton’s preferred destination being LA is important considering he has a full no trade clause, meaning he can veto any trade if he doesn’t like the destination. If Stanton were to hold out until it’s clear if the Dodgers are real contenders in a trade, it would give them the advantage of time. It would make it less of a race to see who can field the best offer, and give the Dodgers and Marlins an extended chance to find a deal that suits both sides.

Stanton is local to the area. He was born in Panorama City and then attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. It’s also well known that Stanton’s number one priority is to play for a winner, and the Dodgers certainly fit that much better than the Giants or Cardinals, who both missed the playoffs in 2017. As we all remember, the Dodgers came within one game of being champions in 2017, and adding a bat like Stanton could be the thing that pushes them over the line in the future. Adding Stanton to a lineup that already boasts Justin Turner, Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger, Chris Taylor, and Yasiel Puig could give the Dodgers the best offense in baseball. Also, Bellinger is no slouch when it comes to hitting home runs, coming off a 39-homer rookie season. He and Stanton would have the potential to combine for 100 home runs every season.

There is one big drawback to trading for Stanton, his contract. Prior to the 2014 season, Giancarlo signed a 13-year deal worth $325 million with an opt-out after the 2020 season. Stanton is set to make $25 million in 2018, followed by $26 million in 2019 and 2020 per In total, Stanton is potentially owed a whopping $295 million over the next ten seasons.  The Dodgers do have money coming off the books, with Andre Ethier’s $17.5 million option for 2018 declined and Adrian Gonzalez ($21.5 million) only under contract for one more season. However, with Clayton Kershaw likely to opt out after the 2018 season, they will need money for him as well.

There are still a lot of question marks surrounding the situation, and Jon Morosi also tweeted that no trade is imminent:

While it may not happen, the Dodgers seem to have a chance to land the slugger if they’re willing to open the checkbook. Do you want Stanton to come to the Dodgers? Let us know in the comments!

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Hunter Thompson

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  1. Hunter,
    You forgot about Utley’s $8 million, Crawford’s (Yeah, he was still on the books last year.) $9 million, Gutierrez’s money, Romo’s money, Kazmir’s astronomical $17.4 million (off after next year). So, the Dodgers have plenty of money, especially if they include Puig in any deal for Stanton, since Puig will probably command $15 million in arbitration. Of course, the Dodgers need to sign Morrow and Watson. I think they need to sign Galves (or someone like him) to replace Utley and serve as a back-up to Seager.

    1. I believe Hernandez, Forsythe, and Culberson can fill in for Seager. You are correct in my mind we need to keep the bullpen help. Thank you for the reminder of all the money coming off the books, I had forgotten about that. I guess it is just me but I would like to acquire Stanton but win, lose,or draw I would rather watch Puig over Stanton any day. He just brings something no one else does. I think we could bring Taylor back to 2nd base and have Stanton and Puig play right and center and platoon left field.

    2. I just don’t know if Stanton is a priority. Yes, Dodgers need a right handed bat. But, even if they do make the World Series again. Pitching was the problem. Can’t have a starter not make it two innings in 2 games of World Series. No matter what anyone says about the offense, Darvish as number two starter was biggest problem. That and Dave Roberts making a couple of huge mistakes. I’d rather sign Arrieta. That would put us over the hump. Plus, I think Puig will pay more like he did in the playoffs. Right handed and he’ll hit .270 with 25 homers ans 80 rbi. Stanton would be nice but not biggest priority.

      1. Offense was just as much of a problem as the pitching. Dravish was the three, and he failed twice, Kershaw and Kenley each failed once as well. Turner, seager, belli, Puig all hit around 200 in WAS. If not for pederson, offense would have looked even worse. Darvish was not the biggest problem lol.

        That being said, a RH bat, a #2-3 and. Setup guy are all needed almost equally

  2. I would think insurance is going to cover most of what Kazmir was owed last year.

  3. Not only will there be money freed up in the next year the Dodgers have players that can be traded for Stanton for example Pederson, Grandal, a pitcher and outfielder from the minors

  4. I think with Stanton in dodger blue would ROCK Chavez ravin!!! With Stanton, Bellinger, Seager, Turner, Taylor & Puig….that’s a champion. team!!

  5. There is no way Puig goes to Florida and gets re-united with Mattingly. If a deal gets done it would likely be Verdugo or Joc, stripling or stewart and 2 pitching prospects not named Buehler or Alvarez. We’ll see

  6. Bring him home ! Put him in the 5th spot! Puigs just going too get better with more maturity ! Let turner ward work with Peterson like he did with Puig . Go Blue!

  7. Pitching is the Dodgers priority in my opinion. Losing Puigs glove and his dynamics would hurt and word is that is 1 of the players the Marlins are targeting. Resigning Kershaw after 2018 big priority. Yes Stanton is a big name and draw but homeruns were not a huge issue in 2017. If Stanton really wants to win he would agree to renegotiate his contract and try to keep that winning team intact for his arrival. Only reason series was lost was due to pitching and some managerial bad decisions. I love the majority of this team as is. But in reality i would not want to see him land in San Francisco either. Giants fans are saying its a done deal for Stanton AND Dee Gordon.

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