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Dodgers: Rich Hill Not Ready to Walk Away

As the calendar approaches 2020 and Rich Hill approaches 40 years old, he knows one thing for sure: he doesn’t want to stop playing.

At least that’s what he told The Athletic’s Andy McCullough. Hill ended the season unsure if he would pitch for the Dodgers again after doctors examined his elbow, they were unsure if he would ever pitch again at all. Rather than opt for a second Tommy John surgery, Hill decided to undergo a primary revision operation, which carries a recovery time of about seven to eight months. This means Hill would likely be out until June, although he told McCullough he hopes to start a throwing program in January.

The free agent pitcher told McCullough he hopes to sign with a team ahead of spring training, though he prefers to land with either the Dodgers or Red Sox. Hill pointed to his value outside of the rotation as well as his production on the field as reasons why teams should look at him.

“I’m definitely not opposed to signing now,” Hill told McCullough. “I think that does give the opportunity for the team, to be honest, to benefit from my experience as a whole. You’ve got a guy who comes into spring training as a veteran, and can help younger guys out. But also, come June, you’re going to get a quality starter. And a guy who has plenty of playoff experience.”

Hill reiterated his love for playing in LA, saying that he felt fortunate to be able to play in front of regular crowds of 50,000 when it’s “tough to even turn the TV on” for other markets.

Whether Hill winds back up in LA or finds himself elsewhere, he will always be a Dodger to fans in LA.

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  1. “tough to even turn the TV on” for other markets. Atleast they could if they wanted to though hey ohhhhhhhhhhh
    70% of the fans here still got nothing 6 seasons later, even if they wanted to switch TWC isn’t even an option in a lot of places around LA. There’s no end in sight honesty don’t be surprised if it goes the full 25 years of the contract.

  2. What the heck, sign the guy for a million, load the contract up on incentives, and see what happens! Remember this guy was on the DL when Dodgers traded for him in the first place. Besides Hill is the perfect free agent for Dodgers. Another reclamation project!

  3. What’s all the talk about the Dodgers interested, inquiring about, the best trade scenarios, all about,…
    Just re-sign Ryu and acquire a power right hand bat and call it a day!!!
    Let’s see what happens, if we don’t win it all , it probably won’t be because of the acquisitions,.. once again, it will be,…FRIEDMAN & ROBERTS!!!

  4. Hill is the epitemy of Friedman’s idea of what he thinks is a big game pitcher. While Price, sherzer, verlander, all win rings and Oct games, hill injured all year, starts over a rookie pitcher who was throwing well and doesn’t make the roster! Typical fantasy G.M. Friedman lunacy! And he will probably bring hill and his 88 m.p.h. fastball back for a box of rocks.

  5. Give it up, Rich.You’ve had it, stop embarrassing yourself.
    And why should the Dodgers keep a spot for you when they have talented young guys who want their shot?
    Enough, Rich. Face reality.
    Guts are one thing, stubborn ego is quite another.

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