Dodgers: Ross Stripling Talks Offseason 2.0 And Plans For the Coming Weeks

It’s a strange time to be a ballplayer, that much is certain. That is definitely true for Dodgers’ swingman Ross Stripling. Chicken Strip took the time to chat with the Blue Heaven Podcast guys this week about his plans over the coming weeks. 

For Stripling, his plan as of now is to he’sd home. With no Dodgers games in the near future, he figured it was best to head home and be with his family. 

Right now we decided to cruise from Arizona home to Texas…it’s basically looking like June baseball at the earliest it makes sense to go home and spend it close to your family and all that. 

The Dodgers staff did not have much of a plan, as you would expect with Major League Baseball shutting everything down. The league also does not seem to have any idea at this point when any sort of baseball will get to take place, with or without fans. Stripling plans on making good use of his time though and has everything he needs to stay healthy.

It’s just do whatever you have to. I bought a net at Target and I was handed two dozen balls when I walked out the door at Camelback Ranch and if I have to I’ll go into the street and throw at a net. Luckily there’s actually a pretty good group of guys in Houston that I can play catch with. 

For Stripling, the most difficult thing about all of this is the work he put in. Each pitcher puts in so much time getting their body ready for a full season of throwing and building up their innings. 

You work so hard over the offseason to get as big and strong as you can, I got built up to four innings. And now, you gotta find a way to keep it as best you can…For me it’s just every day trying to do a little bit of something. 

Whatever it takes to keep that arm built up, we’re all for it. Stripling as spent the last few years moving in and out of the Dodgers’ starting rotation. This year isn’t looking much different so far with all five spots locked up already. 

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