Dodgers Rumors: Andre Ethier Was Nearly Traded To Diamondbacks

Andre Ethier

If there’s a safe assumption that can be made involving the Los Angeles Dodgers it’s one of their outfielders will be traded before the 2015 season begins.

While recent trade rumors have been centered around Matt Kemp, one executive believes the Dodgers’ desire is to instead trade Andre Ethier. According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Ethier and Tim Federowicz were nearly traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Miguel Montero and prospects:

Under the proposed trade, the Dodgers would have sent Ethier and catcher Tim Federowicz to the Diamondbacks for Montero and lower-level prospects, sources said.

The reason for the trade not being completed was Diamondbacks’ ownership not signing off:

The teams recently discussed a trade involving those players, but the deal collapsed when the D-Backs’ ownership declined to give final approval, according to major-league sources.

After Russell Martin signed with the Toronto Blue Jays, it was reported the Dodgers called the Diamondbacks on Montero. Had the Dodgers sent Ethier to the Diamondbacks and landed the catcher, it would’ve solved two of their concerns — reducing the crowded outfield and upgrading behind the plate.

Montero has three years and $40 million remaining on his contract, whereas Ethier is guaranteed $53.5 million over the next three years with a $17.5 million vesting option for a fourth season in 2018.

At 31 years old, Montero is coming off a season in which he slashed .243/.329/.370 with 13 home runs and 72 RBIs — all increases from his production in 2013. Without him, the Dodgers’ current catching options are A.J. Ellis, who was one of seven players tendered, and recently claimed Ryan Lavarnway.

In adding Lavarnway to the 40-man roster Drew Butera was designated for assignment; he was out of options. Like Butera, Federowicz is also out of options.

For Ethier, joining the Diamondbacks would’ve meant returning to the desert, where he spent his college days at Arizona State University after transferring from a local community college. Ethier recently discussed the Dodgers’ use of a platoon and said he hopes to start next season with the Dodgers.

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  1. One thing for sure. Montero had 13 homeruns last year in Arizona but no way he would get that many with 80 games in dodger stadium. However, if they just want hime for his defense then that would be ok. He would be a 8th place hitter so he would have to work on his RBI’s since in he NL the 9th batter would be a pitcher for the first 6 innings.

  2. Who is the more valuable player between Ellis and Montero? Sure, Montero has more power (at Chase Field…) but the Dodger pitchers have NO love towards Montero. Ellis has a far better career fielding numbers such as: Catcher’s ERA (3.33) vs Montero’s (4.13) and Ellis has a better Caught Stealing % (32.5%) vs (31.3%) and Fielding Percentage, Ellis: (99.6%) vs (99.1%). That may not seem like a huge difference, but Ellis has made 14 Errors his WHOLE career and Montero had 13 last year alone!

    Ellis is going to save us more runs… I know this trade is about Ethier for Montero… but Ellis would also be the one who would lose in this trade.

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