Dodgers Rumors: Andrew Friedman Signed Five-Year Contract

[new_royalslider id=”342″] While there was plenty of attention and praised heaped on the Los Angeles Dodgers for their prying Andrew Friedman out of Florida, there were few questions regarding the terms of Friedman’s contract.

Friedman worked without a formal contract as general manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, which made his hiring relatively easy for the Dodgers in terms of not needing to provide the Rays with any compensation.

In joining the Dodgers, Friedman’s role isn’t the only change as he’s now under a five-year deal, sources told ESPN’s Buster Olney:

Given that the Dodgers created the president of baseball operations role for Friedman, there isn’t a predecessor to compare the young executive’s contract against. The closest comparison is Ned Colletti, who served as the Dodgers’ general manager for nine seasons.

The five-year deal is a shakeup from how Friedman operated with the Rays, but it’s certainly more a reflection of the Dodgers wanting to protect against their investment. Friedman’s 10 seasons with the Rays certainly provides no indication he’s one to jump ship early.

With resources considerably less than what Friedman now has at his disposal, he ushered the Rays to one World Series appearance and two AL East titles. With the Dodgers having won the NL West in back-to-back seasons, Friedman is largely expected to help them get over the hump and win their first World Series since 1988.

The Dodgers managed to accomplish what multiple teams failed at in luring Friedman away from Tampa Bay and if Olney’s sources are correct, it came at quite the price. While Friedman has put together an impressive track record, he jumps into a situation where the expectation is to win, and win now.
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    1. Just a thought….what if Maddon had a lot more to do with Tampa Bay’s success than Friedman. What if Friedman is not the miracle worker without Maddon. He sure won’t get any help from Mattingly to make him look good. Here’s hoping he’s as good as he thinks he is.

      1. Another thought…what has Maddon done in TB the last 2 years? Nothing…DM has won 2 western division titles..went to the NLCS the first time and lost because his best hitter got knocked out of the series the first game, and his best pitcher blew up in game 6. Maddon could only play the hand he was dealt,,,This year DM’s best pitcher blew up twice… Not a normal thing, plus this years BP was awful save Jansen, A lot of people do not realize that DM’s teams have increased their win total each year he has been manager..81 to 84 to 92 to 94,,,and last year was only the 2nd full season for the new owners….DM may not be a Einstein, but he gets his players to play hard…and remember..twice in 2 years the team has overcome huge holes to just get to the playoffs……

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