Dodgers Rumors: Diamondbacks Pursuing Greinke

Well this is getting ridiculous.

As if dealing with one division rival wasn’t enough to drive up Zack Greinke’s price, now the Dodgers have to deal with another: The Arizona Diamondbacks.

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This, via Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports:

Now, whether this is another team trying to squeeze a couple more millions out of the division rivals bank account, however indirectly or the Diamondbacks thinking they can actually pull this off, there’s no way of knowing.

That said, it sounds like they legitimately feel they have a shot.

With news already dropping that the Dodgers are already reportedly out of the running for the market’s top relief pitcher Darren O’Day, losing out on Greinke without being able to fill out the bullpen would be a borderline disastrous start to the offseason outside of hiring Dave Roberts.

Again, there’s no way of knowing Arizona’s actual intentions here, but the Dodgers have to treat this as if Greinke could actually wind up in those hideous new uniforms if they really want to keep this year’s Cy Young runner-up.

Either way, it also looks like the Dodgers are preparing themselves for the worst, as they absolutely should in this situation.

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