Dodgers Rumors: ESPN thinks Jose Quintana would be a Good Match for LA

The Chicago White Sox started their first full-blown rebuild in two decades this past week. While the Dodgers were never serious players for Chris Sale or Adam Eaton, Chicago’s second ace could be a different story.

Jose Quintana is an outstanding talent in his own right. He’s logged 200 innings in each of the last four years and is signed at below-market value for the next four seasons. The Sox aren’t particularly motivated to move him, but ambitions change quickly in rebuilding phases. David Schoenfield of ESPN.com conjured potential Quintana trades, and among the better suitors were the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“They’re trying to decrease their payroll, but Quintana doesn’t break the bank. Right-hander Jose De Leon and outfielder Alex Verdugo would be an interesting pair to start with,” Schoenfield writes.

That’s a reasonable starting point. Chicago has acquired a bounty of young pitching recently, so adding an outfielder with Verdugo’s upside would be a coup. Schoenfield left out the biggest ‘what if’ of the deal, which is the final pieces(s). If L.A. dedicates itself to acquiring another top of the rotation starter, the duo above is appealing. If Chicago wanted additional top-end talent, the Dodgers probably walk away, just as they have with numerous premier starters over the last couple years.

[graphiq id=”sbLv7BcmTH” title=”José Quintana” width=”500″ height=”748″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/sbLv7BcmTH” link_text=”Graphiq” ]

Schoenfield went on to declare the Astros the most logical fit, which makes sense with recent reports. He added NL West up-and-comer Colorado as a “sleeper. Both Houston and the Atlanta Braves have reportedly declined Chicago’s current asking price.

The Dodgers and Quintana have yet to be officially linked, but expect plenty of rumors about aces and right-handed bats after the Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner situations conclude.

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  1. De Leon and Verdugo is a non-starter for me.  Sorry.  We have more pressing needs for our roster than acquiring another pitcher.  Granted Quintana will be an upgrade over whoever he pushes from the depth chart, and has plenty of team control, but I’d rather roll the dice by holding onto De Leon and seeing him turn into the same kind of pitcher that Quintana is.  That is the kind of upside he has displayed and is quite capable of achieving.

  2. yarritsblake Yes, that’s exactly the right approach. The idea of a trade for Quintana is ridiculous! Probably this journalist just needing a story by his deadline. It makes ko sense. And did he even mention that Quintana is lefthanded! How many lefthanded starters do you need?!!

  3. Let’s have a fire sale, trade him for the choke king Kershaw and Agon if they take the Carl Crawford money off the books as well. Let’s see what all our prospects can do and save up for the 2018 offseason, we gave it our best shot and won the division 4 years in a row. Let’s do a Theo Epstien rebuild.

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