Dodgers Rumors: Greinke Talks Heating Up, per ESPN

As teams head into the Winter Meetings, we’re sure to hear more rumors of talks “heating up”, “gaining momentum” or “losing steam”. Oh, and all those reports will come from sources close to the situation.

This time, the subject is Zack Greinke and the teams involved will certainly raise an eyebrow.

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Jerry Crasnick of ESPN had this to say about the situation Monday afternoon.

Zack Greinke’s free agent talks are quietly picking up steam, according to two people with knowledge of the situation. The Dodgers and Giants are the principal suitors for Greinke, and it’s believed that both teams would like some clarity in the event they lose out in the bidding and have to go in a different direction.

If I’m Greinke, I’m using whatever leverage I can (to a certain point, of course) to take as much time as I can to make one of the biggest decisions of my career. Theoretically, the longer he holds out, the higher the price might go as teams negotiate against each other.

Unfortunately, the preference to take one’s time on such a decision flies in the face of what’s in the best interest for the teams. The Dodgers and Giants can’t really do much else while so much money is still slated for a single player. Both teams have holes throughout their roster, so the sooner they get some kind of closure on the Greinke front, the more quickly they can move forward accordingly.

We’ve seen reports on both sides of this issue. Basically, it’s fairly split between the Dodgers being favorite or Greinke departing for another team this offseason.

I can’t lie, the Giants being the other likely destination makes me all the more interested in his return to the Dodgers. Watching him follow up one of the greatest seasons any Dodgers pitcher’s ever had in a Giants uniform would be vastly less than ideal.

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