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Dodgers Rumors: Insider Says Juan Soto Trade Market is LA ‘or bust’

The month of July was dominated by Juan Soto trade rumors, and at the moment, it appears that the first two days of August will be as well. The MLB trade deadline is Tuesday, August 2nd (3PM PT), and at the time of this article, the Nationals still haven’t dealt Soto. Insiders believe the Soto market is down to three teams: the Dodgers, the Cardinals, and the Padres.

But for ESPN Jesse Rogers, he believes the Dodgers are the team most likely to acquire Soto.

“I have my doubts about Soto going to the Padres, I kind of think it’s the Dodgers or bust.”

He explained why during his appearance on a recent episode of Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney.

“I don’t think the Padres have the combination [major league and minor league talent]. I do think the Dodgers have it and let’s face it, when the Dodgers want something, they usually get it. But I think Mike Rizzo [Washington GM] would have a nice little face-off between St. Louis and LA when it comes to both major league talent combined with top end prospects. Those are the two organizations that I think could do it.”

Oddly enough, the Cardinals and Nationals played each other over the weekend. Videos and photos of Nats GM Mike Rizzo shaking hands with Cardinals GM John Mozeliak in a suite on Sunday set off a fresh wave of speculation that Soto could be headed to St. Louis.

However, a deal still hasn’t been made. Yet.

Last week, Dodgers team president Andrew Friedman addressed the Soto speculation head on.

“I will echo what I’ve said in the past. Star players don’t become available often. When they are, we owe it to our fans to see those things out… Whenever star-level players become available, we’ll always have the conversation and dig in and try to make something make sense.”

Apparently, the Dodgers are still having those conversations regarding Soto.

According to Rogers, if Soto does get traded, the Dodgers are the clear favorite to make it happen.

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  1. I would have like for the team to have landed Castillo. Also needed is bullpen help, but is there a quality RP out there? Maybe its me, but I don’ recognize many of the names. Hader would have been a nice acquisition. Please don’t promote Baez…….

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