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Dodgers Rumors: LA is ‘Leading Candidate’ to Sign Carlos Correa

The MLB free agency news is heating up. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale revealed the Dodgers are now in the lead to acquire All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa.

“Executives believe the leading candidate to sign Correa is the Dodgers. Certainly money has never been an issue, particularly with $119 million coming off their books. But the tricky part might be convincing the Dodgers’ players, and their fan base, that it’s time to forgive and forget. Correa, of course, was in the heart of that 2017 Astros cheating scandal, and the Dodgers and their fans have loudly voiced their anger. Has enough time gone by to welcome Correa? And, come on, who would Dodgers fans rather see, Correa or Gavin Lux, play shortstop?”

Correa remains a hot commodity for many teams in need of a shortstop. He is only 28 years old and has accomplished so much in his eight-year career. Carlos is a Rookie of the Year winner, two-time All-Star, Gold glove winner, platinum glove winner, and a World Series champion.

I know he and the 2017 Houston Astros cheated against the Dodgers to capture that World Series title, but Carlos would be the spark we need, Dodger fans.

He’s fiery, passionate, and, most importantly, clutch both in the regular season and postseason.

Many teams remain in the running for the 28-year-old, so his price will be high

Many Dodger fans have not forgiven and forgotten about Correa’s actions and comment about the cheating scandal, so it won’t be a warm welcome if he becomes a Dodger.

I’m sure those boos will turn into cheers once he dominates in Dodger blue (if he signs).
How would you feel about acquiring Carlos Correa, Dodger fans?

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Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).


  1. I am over it. Sign him and move on. Get Verlander too. Then beat the damn Astros in the WS. We need his spark and energy. Of course, we need someone to manage the bullpen in the layoffs and WS as Roberts is incapable as proven by the last two years.

  2. I’m a firm believer in second chances. Jesus Christ did. Correa would be a huge addition to this team . So it’s time dodger fans to let it go. This is the best free agent out there,

  3. The Dodgers need to add an “attitude” to their lineup and unfortunately, Correa fits the bill. So if he can becomes the missing link to finally bring us a 162 game season championship, sign him up.

  4. Guarantee won’t be going to a Dodger game as long as they have that ahole on the team.. Or Verlander if they decide to add him

  5. Sometimes it is never time to forgive and forget. He was and remains arrogantly unrepentant, no one in the Houston organization was appropriately penalized. There are other options for short stop.

    1. “Arrogantly unrepentant” is a good description of him. If he had apologized and said he’s sorry it might be a different matter. It will be an unpleasant issue that will simmer under the surface and may therefore be a disruption in the clubhouse. It will likely be a drag on morale.

  6. Amen, Bob. I’m all for forgiveness but after repentance. CC has shown no remorse.

  7. Just imagine IF the Dodgers with Carlos meet at Minute Maid Park in the WS against the Astros and Belli, and vice versa at Dodger Stadium. Very interesting.
    Btw, Brandon Drury is a FA that can play third, a stud RH bat, younger and cheaper than JT. Solid #3 – #6 hitter or DH.

    1. Follow up…..saw side by side of 2022 stats of both FA third basemen on MLB Network and guest panelists all chose Drury over JT because of the upside of one and the downside of the other.

  8. Not true thank god! They said same thing about Judge and he just signed with Mets for 10 years well Correa ‘s probably looking fir same contract end of story. We’re going with youth movement and still make playoffs keep owners happy that’s all they want he already found out it doesn’t matter to have superstars in every position roberts and friedman will find ways to loose?

  9. I agree with Paul B.
    It was hard enough to endure the Dodgers pathetic playoff showing .Dodgers signing Correa would cause me to find other ways to spend 3 to 4 hours a day this coming spring and summer ’23 rather than watch baseball .

  10. dodgers are going to pull the trigger? justin verlander & carlos correa. both ace & allstar from the houston astros! nice fits and talents, L.A. needs sum fire and proof pudding in thier dug out and line up and little more attitude wont hurt either…

  11. Doesn’t matter it’s just clickbait, they aren’t going to get a deal they like (cheap) from Boras and Mr Diore.

    1. MM couldn’t carry a team the way CC can. Either way I’d rather have Gavin. Respectfully.

  12. Scott Boras and CC = never. Use the money for Judge now that Verlander is off the books.

  13. It’s a shame that CC comes up in any dodgers conversation, they have players in house they could use, lux isn’t my choice but ….
    Swanson is still available and so is Xander..
    Get Swanson , Get a 2-3 pitcher , get a closer and move on !!!

  14. No way! I would never attend a game or watch a game on TV with that cheating unrepentant piece of garbage on the roster. If the Dodger executives sign him it proves they do not understand their fans in any way.

    CC is not deserving of any forgiveness or second chance. He has not admitted anything and he has only mocked people that said he should be ashamed.

    1. 100% on base. If CCi s signed, I will burn all Dodger paraphernalia, and just root for Judge!

    1. If CC lands in LA, there will be a mass exodus of fans. Canada is not far enough. Move to Croatia and follow soccer.

  15. It would hurt the team. If it were me, I might be able to “forgive” for my job, but in my heart it would be very hard to do. There for the cohesion

  16. Rather so for xander. He’s the best of the bunch. That bring said, it’s not about the player, it’s about the uniform, so I sill support whoever they sign. Rather it be Bogaerts or Swanson. Judge is too much money.

  17. You kidding? It would be one thing if he’d shown remorse. But his comments following the scandal were anything but that. No doubting he’s talented. No doubt he would help the Dodgers. …but that is someone that potentially tarnished the game of baseball. That’s a tough one for any Dodger fan. If he issued an apology that would go a long way.

  18. Lux is a cheaper alternative at SS. He has a lot to prove and a lot to offer. Great contact hitter and could be a doubles machine. Spend the money on a closer or a manager that knows how to manage a pitching staff. Better yet, why don’t they lock up Will Smith for 5-6 years? I’m all for giving Lux a shot at SS. Thought he did well filling in when Corey Seager was hurt a couple years ago. I actually like Lux at SS more so than at 2B. As for Correa…no thanks. He’s a talent, but I need an apology. He’s shown no remorse. The Astros tarnished the game and Rob Manfred’s response to the cheating was pathetic. It’s all about the money. Should have focused on the integrity of the game.

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