Dodgers Rumors: Team Interested in Johnny Cueto

The Winter Meetings have all but passed and the Dodgers can’t help but feel as if an opportunity was missed to improve the roster. That said, there are still targets out there who would fill a couple holes.

One such name: Johnny Cueto, who is particularly popular in our social media mentions.

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Per ESPN’s Jim Bowden, the right-handed World Series champ has caught the Dodgers’ eye.

In all the hysteria surrounding Aroldis Chapman and Jose Fernandez (neither of which appear anywhere near close to being Dodgers), Cueto name has become something of an afterthought even though he would cost nothing but salary. He was traded midseason in 2015 and would not require a compensatory pick in return.

Cueto does have some question marks attached to him, though. Namely his rough time in Kansas City after the trade and some elbow issues in his past. Without those questions, though, he probably wouldn’t be available, so there’s that, too.

Given how the offseason has gone, this move makes a ton of sense as the front office tries to regain some momentum has teams depart from Nashville.

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  1. Well, the front office may be inclined to go a little harder after Cueto if for no other reason than to get fans off their back about Greinke walking. He’ll be expensive, but it’s hard to find anybody who isn’t. Don’t be surprised if Urias and/or DeLeon crack the rotation if Cueto goes elsewhere (Cardinals).

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