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Dodgers News: Team Has ‘Moved On’ From Chapman Trade, per CBS

It sounds like the Aroldis Chapman fiasco has finally come full circle.

It once appeared he’d be a Dodger in a matter of time, then maybe it might take a little while longer and then a little while after that.

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As of early Thursday morning, it appears the idea of a Chapman-Kenley Jansen duo coming out of the Dodgers’ bullpen is a thing of the past.

A report was floated Wednesday that the Dodgers had taken up an interest in Miller, but that the Chapman deal was still on hold. Now, the deal is dead so there’s some time to speculate as to why.

One has to imagine the public relations hit factors into this decision, as the details in the police report are pretty impossible to defend without calling the victim a liar — which is never a good look.

The Dodgers very well have also soured on how the Reds organization is being run. There’s something incredibly weird going on there, and Andrew Friedman simply might not trust them anymore. This is definitely something worth discussing later.

For now, though, the Dodgers’ attention shifts elsewhere as they try to reclaim some momentum at the very end of these Winter Meetings.

Are division titles won in December? Nope. Do I think fans would rather be looking forward to the Arizona Diamondbacks’ season as of right now than to whatever might be ahead for the Dodgers based on this past week? Unfortunately, the insanely obvious answer is: yup.

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  1. The Dodgers are not interested in Division titles. They had 3 Division titles in a row. No rings? Obviously Don Mattingly was the problem and had to go. Zach Greinke had to share the spotlight with Clayton Kershaw and that immature Yasiel Puig. He couldn’t wait to get out of town and obviously a World Series win is a foregone conclusion in Arizona.

  2. LloydLewis Last year it was the Padres, where did they finish, i’m not worried about the Dbacks.

  3. PhilWheeler LloydLewis I’m not worried about the Diamondbacks either. I’m not too sure about Dave Roberts, though. I wish him well. He’s never managed an inning of major league ball yet. My tongue was firmly planted in my cheek when I commented before. Don Mattingly was criticized pretty good by the fans, the press, and the front office. The Dodgers will be very lucky to win the West a fourth time. Are they better off without Zack Greinke and Don Mattingly? I guess we’ll see. At least it looks like we won’t have the migraine headache of Aroldis Chapman on our hands. I hope somebody can help Jock Pederson and Yasiel Puig to strike out less. Time will tell. Kansas City wins because they make contact and don’t strike out as much.

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