Dodgers Rumors: Twins “Insist” on More to Trade Brian Dozier

My life has become waking up in the morning, making a cup of coffee and writing another post on the evergreen trade rumors of L.A. and Minnesota’s talks for Brian Dozier.

In the latest update, Bob Nightengale calls the Dodgers the “heavy favorite” for Dozier, which has been reported on a number of occasions now. With the Twins set to make a final decision in the next week, he says they won’t budge on their initial request.

A trade is looking less and less likely. Neither team has leverage. Minnesota has Dozier signed for two seasons at a below market rate. Los Angeles isn’t desperate and has alternatives. If the Twins’ deadline is real, time is running out on an agreement.

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It’s possible the teams could revisit talks closer to the deadline, which plays in the Dodgers favor now. There aren’t many contenders in need of second baseman and there are even fewer with a prospect as appealing as Jose De Leon to headline a trade. It’s entirely possible the Dodgers have addressed second by that point too, be it in a trade for a Logan Forsythe-type or realizing Willie Calhoun is close to debuting.

Our Gabe Burns examines the landscape of the National League

Gabe Burns

Gabe Burns is an award-winning journalist. He serves as a reporter and editor at the DodgersNation news desk. He additionally works as editor-in-chief of The Spectator, Valdosta State University's student paper. Gabe's work has been featured on a number of platforms, including Draft Breakdown and Pro Football Spot. His byline has been cited in media such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Aside from covering Dodgers baseball, Gabe enjoys watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Lightning. He can be followed on Twitter at @GabeBurns_DN.


  1. Forget Dozier.  There will be another Dozier in the future.  I have no problem with Utley at second.  He brings valued experience to the organization.  Are his numbers tapering off?  Yes of course, but we wont loose a pennant or World Series because of him.  Nobody plays the game harder and without complaint than Utley.  Protect our young prospects.  Go Dodgers!

  2. The Dodgers are helpless when a left hander pitches, get a right handed bat for the middle of the line up, and Kike is not the answer

  3. LeeEdwards2 Yes I agree, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be Dozier if the cost is not reasonable.

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