Dodgers Rumors: “Difference Between” Cody Bellinger and Jose De Leon to Front Office

The Dodgers are reportedly willing to part with Jose De Leon for Brian Dozier. The same cannot be said for Cody Bellinger, who has been excluded in trade talks, according to multiple reports.

Ken Gurnick appeared on MLB.com and discussed Bellinger, De Leon and Dozier.

“As far as a young power hitter coming up who can play the outfield or first base, they don’t have depth there,” Gurnick said. “So I can’t imagine they’d be willing to trade Cody Bellinger, who’s their No. 1 prospect right now, for a two-year rental, basically, at second base, as much as they would like to have Brian Dozier. And I think if they’re offering (Jose) De Leon, they’re showing that they would like to have Dozier. But there’s a difference between De Leon, in their mind, and Cody Bellinger.”

That’s not exactly breaking news, but notable. If the Dozier negotiations fall apart, it will be public knowledge the Dodgers are more willing to move De Leon than Bellinger. In future trade rumors, De Leon is almost certain to warrant mention from the opposing general manager.

There’s no reason to believe the Dodgers have soured on De Leon. He’s still their second ranked prospect. They do appear willing to move him in the right deal, which indicates he’s not an indelible piece to their future rotation. Bellinger, on the other hand, is considered Adrian Gonzalez’s eventual replacement. Los Angeles seems to consider him the most valuable asset in its minor league system and barring an extraordinary blockbuster he’s destined for Chavez Ravine.

If the Dozier deal collapses it will be intriguing to see how the Dodgers pivot. With Minnesota’s refusal to alter its stance (whatever that may be), L.A. has likely already started exploring alternatives, including Tampa Bay’s Logan Forsythe, Detroit’s Ian Kinsler and possibly Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun. The Dodgers could also re-sign Chase Utley and give more at-bats to Kike Hernandez then reassess its position closer to the trade deadline.

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Gabe Burns

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  1. I think most of Dodger Nation agrees with not trading Bellinger. What I think all of us are confused about is that they have Kike and Barnes that can play second. They received Johnson in a trade and also have Calhoun in AA and he can hit. Why not bring up Johnson and or Calhoun? With the Outfield as offensively solid as it has ever been going into Spring and the Starting Rotation overflowing with starters I would either trade DeLeon and perhaps another young arm like Stripling. But that is all I would give for Dozier. 
    Otherwise bring in Calhoun and Johnson or maybe see if Kike can be a starter. He may surprise them.

  2. Johnson is a poor defender and LH batter. They likely hope Hernandez will go back to mashing LH pitching and has some power. Chris Taylor would be ranked ahead of Johnson IMO or at the least be a platoon option, but he hasn’t proven that he can hit MLB pitching either. I’d even go back to Culberson before Johnson.
    The Twins were rumored to like Stewart, so I am wondering if they are asking for DeLeon, Stewart and another prospect?

  3. GaryPeck1 Gary, I would not trade both DeLeon and Stewart for Dozier. I am fine with DeLeon and a couple of mid-level guys. But I believe Stewart will be a high-end starter.  Johnson is working on defense, As is Calhoun. I would keep them and trade for another arm in the bullpen. We can cope at second….We have lots of internal options….

  4. Tmaxster Gary is right.  Hernandez was a great utility guy for us in 2015 but had some hitting issues in 2016.  They are hoping for a rebound, especially his hitting against LHP.  Chris Taylor was ok for us, but is better as an IF backup and 40 man depth.  Johnson has been on top prospect lists for 2B in the past, but his prospect start faded greatly last year as his two marketable tools (his hit tool and speed tool) both regressed significantly in 2016.  If he can rebound and show those tools again and bring them to the table in the 2017 season, he’d be a good LHB option.  But we don’t need anymore LHB.  We need a RHB, or a LHB that can hit LHP, to take the reigns at 2B.  It would be better, and easier, to upgrade internally in the OF than at 2B.  Though Braun would provide a more potent bat than Dozier, the financial cost is higher without a significant difference in prospect cost.

  5. yarritsblake Tmaxster Barnes will need at-bats. He has been a very good contact hitter his entire career. but at-bats are needed to keep your timing. A platoon with Kike, Perhaps Johnson or Calhoun should be viable and it would answer questions as to the long-term viability of Johnson and Calhoun.  Calhoun has hit both left and right handed pitchers. He is an offensive first player, yes it is a year early for Calhoun but that is why I would platoon him and get him some experience.
    Dozier is probably a 2-year rental. But I do not like the cost if it is two high-end pitching prospects. 
    I like the OF and it has been ranked 6th in the league without an actual line-up plan. 
    Van Slyke will be back. Do not forget he is a true power hitter and hits left-handed pitching well. We missed him as he has fought lower back and wrist injuries the last 2 years. 
    Thompson had cut down on his strike-outs and can field very well. Plus Thompson was very good in high-pressure situations, a rare trait. But he is from an Athletic Royal Family LOL…
    Toles is the real gem here as he hits well, has blazing speed, and a great arm.

    We are in very good shape in the OF. I am very excited to see who wins spots in the rotation in the Outfield. Puig will be under intense competition for his spot. He will either fulfill his HUGE potential or crash. I think he will compete…..

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