Dodgers Schedule: Opening Day Date Officially Set, Opponent Not So Much

Dodgers team president Stan Kasten confirmed in a press conference on Friday that LA has a new opening day officially set for the 2020 season. But that’s about all the information he gave us, as is Stan’s way.

First, the Dodgers’ originally scheduled opening day of March 26 is now set for Thursday, July 23. However, Kasten would not confirm any other specifics like whether the team will be home or away or who the opponent would be.

With the pandemic-driven regional schedule, the Dodgers will be playing exclusively western-based teams, including their usual NL West opponents, their regional rival with the Anaheim Angels, but also the rest of the teams in the AL West.

And yes, that includes the Houston Astros.

For the original March 26 opening day, LA was set to host the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium, so the likelihood of that matchup being rescheduled is high. As for when the schedule will officially be announced, Kasten had this to say.

Schedules haven’t been released yet and that’s going to evolve until the last dot is dotted. We won’t really know because any change to any one game in any city has a domino effect, so we really don’t know yet.

With players and organizational members undergoing COVID testing as they enter summer camp, teams with multiple positive results could, in theory (although not likely), affect the season schedule. 

The Dodgers are set to play a 60-game season in 2020 with training camp officially having kicked off on Friday.

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