Dodgers Season Preview: Rotation Concerns, World Series Predictions, Bold Predictions & More!

The Dodgers are back and ready to take on a new year. With so much potential and a new-look lineup, the possibilities are endless for what they could accomplish by the time the clock strikes October. It’s a very exciting year and one that you won’t want to miss a single pitch of. 

So what will happen with the Dodgers during the 2022 season? We gave our best predictions and what we think are the biggest challenges they are going to be facing throughout the year. That includes the biggest threat in the NL West and who we think they battle it out with in the World Series. 

We also give our homerun predictions and whether or not we believe Cody Bellinger will have a better season in 2022. 

Will the Padres or the Giants be the ones to give the Dodgrs a hard time? Will the starting rotation be that much of an issue throughout the year? And what are the odds that Los Angeles adds Jake Lamb and Kevin Pillar to the big league roster?

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Stick with us all season long as we continue to cover your Los Angeles Dodgers, including news coverage, interviews, editorials, and SO much more. 

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