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Dodgers Season Ticket and Parking Prices Go Up for 2017

According to a Los Angeles Times, the Dodgers are set to raise prices on both season tickets and parking.

This is the second straight season in which the Dodgers raised ticket prices by double digits. They have also decided to increase parking prices by 27%. These price hikes are sure to make fans uneasy, but we had to see it coming.

The Dodgers have won the NL West in each of the four years since Guggenheim Baseball Management took over. They have continually improved the roster and managed to maintain success with good trades and smart signings.

However, they just have not managed to make that leap. Forget winning the World Series for a second. The Dodgers have not even managed to win a pennant since their last World Series win in 1988.

David Siegal, the Dodgers vice president of ticket sales, explains that the Dodgers are attempting to give the fans the best in-game experience possible. According to him, the Dodgers have invested over $200 million into stadium upgrades, such as: a new sound system, scoreboards and stadium wi-fi.

We understand the fan experience is important, but the experience that all Dodger fans want is the experience of winning a World Series.

Make the money count.


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  1. While we don’t like the cost of parking going up…it is still a lot cheaper to park in Dodger Stadium than it is in Frsco….$35.00 last time I went 2 years ago!!!!

  2. KingmanofLodi
    Hello Kingman!   I can recall when I once lived in So.Calif parking was just $ 5.00 !

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